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The enhanced marketing integration of Drupal 8

Written by Kevin Van Ransbeeck in Customer Experience on 02/02/17

The world's favourite open source CMS has gained increasing popularity in the marketing community. The latest version, Drupal 8 is proving to be a great choice for creating integrated digital frameworks, since its launch in 2015.

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Drupal 8: what's in it for digital experience management?

Written by Joachim Willems in Customer Experience on 03/01/17

Drupal is a high-quality open source content management system. The software owes its quality to the large community of developers supporting it: contributing modules and maintaining existing ones. 

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Top 5 Digital Experience Challenges in 2017

Written by Damien Dewitte in Customer Experience on 27/12/16

Over the past years we've seen many long-predicted trends become reality, thanks to the work of innovative companies and passionate communities in making technology solutions reachable, usable and relevant. This also means that, in 2017, many more technical barriers will have gone down and the opportunities for digital marketers to deliver digital customer experiences will grow on a massive scale: mobile, social, omnichannel, predictive analytics, personalization – these are just a few of the key ingredients that digital marketers can use to cook up the perfect recipe.

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Website A/B testing explained

Written by Bart Albrecht in Customer Experience on 19/07/16

A/B testing is the practice of running two variants of a website page (or email, display advertisement or social advertisement) in parallel, to test if website design and content choices are hitting the mark. It is a popular topic in digital marketing, since testing is the best way to check which website changes have the greatest effect on your KPIs, be it conversion rate, bounce rate or anything else.

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Observations from the Adobe Summit 2016: The Digital Marketing Conference

Written by Damien Dewitte in Customer Experience on 21/06/16

Adobe Summit EMEA is one of the year's high points in digital marketing. This year’s edition was the largest Summit so far, with over 5.000 attendees. Adobe shared its vision for digital marketing, along with sessions by brands and partners.

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How to structure your digital marketing with Google Tag Manager

Written by Nick Wauters in Customer Experience on 03/03/15

You're using Google Analytics to track website visits, AdWords to keep track of content you sponsored, an A/B testing tool to optimize your web pages. As a marketer it’s not easy to keep a clear overview of all web analytics and digital marketing systems within your business.  

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Bridge the gap between marketing and IT in digital marketing projects

Written by Eric Pieters in Customer Experience on 12/08/14

Chief Marketing Officers (CMO's) will have a larger budget to spend on IT than the Chief Information Officer (CIO) himself. Whether this is true or not (it’s probably not true) doesn't really matter.

What matters is that marketing is becoming a big user of technology - and that the IT department's input diminishes. But both departments still have their role. This infographic gives an example of what their objectives could be.

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