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The ultimate marketing holidays calendar: from Thanksgiving to the New Year

Written by Inês Pimentel in Customer Experience on 29/11/16

Now that you know how much can be at stake for your company during this holiday season, it’s time to use our calendar below to plan and implement your own Christmas marketing strategy and campaigns. Not all of them may be applicable to your business, industry, country or region, so adapt your holiday marketing where it is necessary!

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Digital Experience Suite vs. Best of Breed (and why IT needs to leave room for experiments)

Written by Eric Pieters in Customer Experience on 08/12/15

There is an eternal discussion about using Best of Breed marketing solutions (a mix of technologies from different vendors) or Marketing Suites (where you buy the technology from one vendor).

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Content strategy, structure and challenges in a website project

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 26/11/15

When we look at the modern Web, we see a great variation in devices used for browsing. Those devices have various input methods (e.g. touch or voice), different screen sizes, etc. However, the difference not only lies in the range of devices used to consume digital content. A web browser is just one of the applications suitable for consuming content.


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6 best practices for managing projects in a distributed team

Written by Jochem Poesen in Customer Experience on 15/07/15

In 2013, AMPLEXOR opened its satellite office in Cluj, Romania. We soon started working on our first projects in cooperation with our new Romanian colleagues, which meant virtual meetings across countries, time zones and languages.

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Adobe Summit 2015: 3 announcements to keep track of

Written by Ruben Thys in Customer Experience on 21/05/15

As it does every year, the Adobe Summit 2015 - The Digital Marketing Conference - gives us a glance at the future and upcoming possibilities within Adobe's Marketing Cloud. Adobe's primary goal is to show how it responds to the continuously present and strong demand for innovation.

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5 strategic thoughts on the Adobe Summit 2015 (London)

Written by Eric Pieters in Customer Experience on 06/05/15

 As it does every year, the Adobe Summit - The Digital Marketing Conference gives us a glance at the future and upcoming possibilities within Adobe's Marketing Cloud. Adobe's primary goal is to show how it responds to the continuously present and strong demand for innovation.

As a partner of Adobe, AMPLEXOR always attends these summits and the 2015 event saw 8 members of AMPLEXOR’s Adobe team attend the various sessions.

In this post, Eric Pieters (VP Professional Services at AMPLEXOR), reflects on 5 strategic topics he picked up during the summit.

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Digital project planning: 6 signals you may not be on track (part 2)

Written by Dimitri Honlet in Customer Experience on 30/04/15

You are involved in a digital project (such as a new website) which is really essential for achieving your business goals. How can you increase the possibility of a project becoming a success? Watch out for the possible pitfalls that can lead to project failure.

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How new digital trends impact your website (interview Kanaal Z)

Written by Jill Bosmans in Customer Experience on 28/04/15

In 2015, websites are an important part of every organization's sales and marketing strategies. Over 70% of customers research on the internet before making a purchase, which has a big impact on how websites function today. On 14 April, the Belgian news channel Kanaal Z aired an interview with AMPLEXOR's Sales Manager, Lode Vandermeulen, commenting on the impact that new digital trends have on websites and what we need them to do, but also what we need to expect from hosting partners. Nucleus, our hosting partner, discusses the need for flexible solutions that can respond to changing circumstances.

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Website availability: how critical is your site's uptime for your business?

Written by Peter De Rudder in Customer Experience on 31/03/15

In this day and age, no one can deny that websites are important, and sometimes even crucial, tools for organizations. It is, however, vital not to overestimate the importance of your website, or the effort and budget needed to keep it up and running.

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Digital strategy: how to approach personalization on your website?

Written by David Verdonck in Customer Experience on 25/03/15

For as long as I have been working at AMPLEXOR (that would be 9 years this month), personalization has been one of the top requested features, but only in recent times has it become feasible to realise meaningful personalization within projects that have to make do with real world budgets. And by that I mean projects undertaken by companies that are not Amazon or Netflix, who can afford to spend almost infinitely large amounts of money and resources on their bespoke personalization engines.

As web content management systems shifted more and more from pure content management and web publishing towards digital experience management (and thus marketing) solutions, most of them introduced tools for adding personalized content to websites and other digital communication channels. After all, one of the key principles in digital experience management is to put the visitor’s needs and wants in the center of your communication strategy in order to provide each visitor a meaningful customer journey. So in that regard, it is key to tailor the information you provide to the individual you are engaging with.

In this blog post I am going to talk a little about several aspects of personalization based on our real world experiences. In a subsequent blog, I'll discuss personalization and privacy issues. 

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