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Marco van Schaijk

Marco van Schaijk

Marco van Schaijk is an Enterprise Content Management and Digital Experience Business Consultant in AMPLEXOR. Based in the Netherlands, he leads a team of more than 30 experts in the area of Web & mobile Applications, Content Management, Document Management and Records Management. With his out-of-the-box, problem solver attitude, Marco has been helping companies accross industries to become more agile and adjust to this fast-pacing digital world, implementing collaborative working processes and managing their information workflows.
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GDPR: An engine for economic growth

Written by Marco van Schaijk in Enterprise Content on 03/10/17

As we approach the date of its official enactment, on May 2018, the attention towards the new data privacy regulation grows manifestly. However, to a significant number of organizations, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is still perceived as an inconvenience which resonates in hard work, time consumption and resources for the sole purpose of limiting the risk of a fine.

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