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Tom Laureys

Tom Laureys is Solution Manager Enterprise Content Management at AMPLEXOR. He is based in Belgium.
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Connect with our Alfresco experts at BeeCon Zaragoza

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 18/04/17

From 25 to 28 April, the second edition of the BeeCon Alfresco Developer Conference will take place in Zaragoza, Spain. Since Alfresco replaced their own annual summit with the Alfresco Day Global Tour, the BeeCon Conference - organized by a group of Alfresco community experts - has been the biggest annual event to learn about the product and exchange ideas with Alfresco engineers.

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Top 10 Predictions for Enterprise Content Management in 2017

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 22/12/16

Yes, it's that time of the year again: flickering Christmas lights, last minute gift shopping and… new year predictions! Which tech trends will materialize, and which will come to an inglorious end? What plans are digital pioneers cooking up? And which steps should you be considering to keep your business flowing?

Here's what we think will happen in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) space in 2017. So sit back, have another sip of your mulled wine and let us guide you through 10 predictions for the coming year.

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Digitally transforming organizations with Alfresco One

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 28/09/16

No business sector is immune to the pressure of digitization these days. From transportation (Uber) through retail (Amazon, Zalando) to tourism (, transform their processes in order to stay relevant. In the first digitization wave, companies typically focused on the direct customer experience and transformed their windows to the world: they invested in analytics to better understand and meet customer needs, improved and accelerated customer service by digitizing customer touchpoints, and made sure their message was consistent over different channels. For many companies this first wave is still on the top of their digital agenda today.

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An evaluation of Alfresco’s view on next-gen ECM

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 28/07/15

On 8 July John Newton, Alfresco founder and CTO, shared his vision on the next generation of ECM systems during the webinar "Next-Gen ECM: Why the time is right for a new approach to enterprise content management".

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Alfresco’s view on next-gen ECM: key takeaways

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 23/07/15

Alfresco is an established document management and collaboration platform based on open source technology. It is an open platform with the stability, support and feature set of a truly enterprise-class platform. Alfresco is modern and evolves rapidly without compromising on quality.

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Best practice: 3 mistakes to avoid in document management projects

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 09/06/15

Many organizations still fail to manage their digital documents properly. They store the growing number of digital documents in multiple locations or spread over a number of personal cloud-based file sharing accounts. As the amount of digital information grows at an ever faster rate, this chaotic approach to document management leads to frustration and lost time: employees waste time searching for the correct document version, business processes are slowed, more mistakes occur, and money is wasted.

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Amazon claims its part of the file sharing pie with Zocalo

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 14/07/14

In a previous post we already pointed out that there’s no lack of choice in the field of cloud file sharing products. And there’s even more competition on the way for Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and the likes:  Amazon is claiming its share of the market with Zocalo.

Step by step, Amazon is moving from its cloud infrastructure offering (AWS) to full-blown SaaS offerings. Amazon WorkSpaces was a first step in that direction. Now Amazon Zocalo is a second clear sign of Amazon’s SaaS strategy.  

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Document management in the cloud: DM-as-a-Service

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 04/07/14

These days our personal online lives are almost unimaginable without cloud applications. Just think about a world without Facebook, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Youtube and the likes. As the Economist pointed out in an educational (and funny) chart, the time we spend in cloud apps is huge.

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The power of case management frameworks explained

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 02/04/14

Most of my colleagues can share truly lyrical reflections on the beauty of a piece of clean, well-written code. As coding guru Martin Fowler puts it:

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand

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Is your document management platform smart? ECM in the Age of Context

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 21/01/14

Last week’s technology news was buzzing with Google’s acquisition of Nest, a company selling thermostats and smoke alarms adapting automatically to your life pattern.

The acquisition is another sign of technology firms taking position in the coming 'Age of Context’, a phenomenon described by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel in their eponymous book. The book is a great read and shares a vision of how technology is getting more personalized and predictive.

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