6 best practices for Adobe Experience Manager website projects

Written by Henry Kuijpers in Customer Experience on 21/03/18

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is an enormous enterprise web content management system. It is packed with functionalities which enable content authors to create great digital experiences.

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Global marketing campaigns: Is your approach personalized for each locale?

Written by Gretchen Sampair in Global Content on 16/03/18

You’ve created the perfect global marketing campaign, and now it’s time to unveil it across your 12 key markets. Great! Time to break out the champagne and watch as the new revenue rolls in.

But will your message resonate equally among all your culturally diverse audiences?

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SEO vs SEA: Get your digital marketing budget right

Written by Sam Vanhemelryck in Customer Experience on 08/03/18

Whether you're starting out with managing your online presence or you’re a seasoned digital marketing professional, all the possibilities in this digital world can be a bit daunting and it’s often hard to see the beginning of this journey. It’s not just difficult to plan activities and assign resources, but also to set priorities right in your digital marketing budget and manage your investments as efficiently as possible.


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Intelligent document and data capture technologies and why they matter

Written by Marc Basten in Enterprise Content on 02/03/18

Working with AMPLEXOR, I am able to understand and assist organizations where Enterprise Content systems (ECS) are paired with Enterprise Capture platforms. However, I notice that in almost all organizations the Enterprise capture platform is not regarded with the same business relevance as the ECS.

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5 ways to simplify centralizing with a new translation provider

Written by Joe Bechtel in Global Content on 28/02/18

The whole point of working with a new translation provider to centralize your program is to get all localization activity under control, once and for all. That means unifying all efforts for faster project turnaround, more cost savings and better global branding consistency. So, while taking on a new provider could strike some as intimidating, it’s actually one of the best things you can do to structure and streamline a localization program that’s run amok.

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Tips and tools to import and export content in AEM

Written by Nik De Muyer in Customer Experience on 26/02/18

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a powerful web content management system with a strong focus on simplifying the management of complex digital experiences and multi-sites. But as with any system, there is always room for improvement. Copying content between acceptance and production environments in website development, or between author and publish servers (instances) is often hard to manage if you’re not a developer or administrator. So how can authors, editors and content managers copy content and assets between sites?

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Highlights from Alfresco DevCon 2018

Written by Hans De Bal in Enterprise Content on 26/02/18

Alfresco DevCon 2018 wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, and as a proud member of the Alfresco community, it was an exciting one to be part of. After all, Alfresco finally returned to host their annual dedicated developer conference, after a 6 year hiatus and two successful BeeCon events in 2016 and 2017 organized by the independent group Order of the Bee.

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3 questions on whether a machine translation solution is right for you

Written by Karina Martínez Ferber in Global Content on 16/02/18

Machine translation solutions have taken the world by storm. With promises for faster turnaround, lower costs and near-human quality levels, it’s easy to see why many businesses ask for it upfront. And it’s only gaining in popularity and sophistication as the technology advances.

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Patient safety and labeling: taking the pain out of managing translations in life sciences

Written by Kathleen O’Brien in Life Sciences on 13/02/18

It’s hardly exaggerating to say that the consequences for mistranslation of labeling and packaging in life sciences are potentially catastrophic. Most importantly, there is a substantial risk of patient safety that could occur, where, for example, misinterpretations in dosing could mean a matter of life or death.

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Getting into the flow: How to build a happy workplace

Written by Kjell Leenknegt in Enterprise Content on 31/01/18

From education to religion and spirituality through gaming, the concept of “flow” has been widely used across a variety of fields. More recently, it’s been gaining increased popularity within human resources as a powerful technique to keep employees happy and motivated, and therefore more productive in the workplace.

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The growing need for centralized content management

Written by Jason Arnsparger in Life Sciences on 19/12/17

Life sciences is a challenging sector to operate in. Competition is tough, and success requires a combination of business agility and control.

But although life sciences is subject to stringent and ever-changing regulation, it can have a tendency to manage content for international markets in an inefficient and error-prone way. 

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Master data management and ISO IDMP standards

Written by Romuald Braun in Life Sciences on 23/11/17

Life sciences firms are used to an on-going stream regulatory hurdles, and the upcoming ISO IDMP compliance is another to add to the list. But ISO IDMP is also a little different, and promotes the kind of structure and discipline needed if organisations want to really break new ground and take their businesses forward.

How can organisations use ISO IDMP to change the way they operate, and to transform their master data management?

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