Unlocking the value of SharePoint and O365 for your intranet solution

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 26/04/18

Custom SharePoint intranets have been the most popular intranet solution for years, but there are other contenders and newcomers in the SharePoint intranet landscape. Join us on a practical journey through the opportunities and challenges of all the available options in Office 365 and SharePoint for intranet channels and modern workplaces.

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AI in Regulatory Information Management: Where Are Companies Betting Their Budgets?

Written by Steve Gens in Life Sciences on 25/04/18

As Gens & Associates collates and begins to analyze fresh new findings from its latest World Class RIM Research, Steve Gens speculates about the industry’s top priorities for the next 3-5 years

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Quick start guide for multilingual websites in Adobe Experience Manager

Written by Yannick Kalokerinos in Customer Experience on 24/04/18

One of the major challenges in large digital experience projects is organizing content over multiple websites and languages. While most web content management systems (WCMS) have some kind of support tools for multilingual websites, this is where Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) shines, with its implementation of Live Copy and Language Copy features.

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How to engage customers worldwide: Transcreate your global marketing content

Written by Sharon Austin in Global Content on 19/04/18

Consumer behavior has transformed in the last decade as technology influences access to information, buying habits and pace of the purchase cycle. This has shifted the way companies approach marketing to engage customers worldwide. While brand loyalty can still be a strong motivator, capturing that loyalty lies in engaging the customer to create positive experiences. The marketer’s role is all about engagement – because engaged customers keep coming back.

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Can IDMP Transform the Way Life Sciences Firms Make Business Decisions?

Written by Frits Stulp in Life Sciences on 17/04/18

IDMP is a life sciences hot topic - Frits Stulp, Managing Director at Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy explores how organizations can use data smarter and more effectively

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How the MDR Directive Will Impact Packaging and Labeling Requirements in Europe

Written by Collette Bowers Vahed in Life Sciences on 14/04/18

It’s no exaggeration to say that the European Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) is one of the most impactful pieces of legislation to hit the industry in decades. It was established to ensure a robust, transparent, predictable and sustainable regulatory framework for medical devices in the EU, improving health and safety while supporting innovation.

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Taking learning experience to new heights: BARBRI’s success story

Written by Pierrick Danielo in Enterprise Content on 12/04/18

The BARBRI group is a multinational organization originating from the United States that supports law students, attorneys and other professionals with specialized training. Operating since 1967, BARBRI was the creator of the first BAR prep course, which has already helped more than 1.3 million lawyers around the world pass a U.S. bar exam.

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5 reasons to be curious about Kentico 11

Written by Benoît Laxenaire in Customer Experience on 04/04/18

We have been really enthusiastic about our recently announced partnership with Kentico and following the positive market reaction, we are now planning some joint initiatives. From next April 10 to 12, we will be together at the eMarketing Paris to take visitors on a tour through our integrated strategy to better attract, convert and retain their audience.  Through a live workshop and hands-on demos at our booth, this will be a great opportunity to discover the latest version of the user-friendly Kentico’s CMS platform and its out-of-the-box marketing features.

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5 ways you can improve your company’s translation quality

Written by Iñaki Hernández-Lasa in Global Content on 29/03/18

It’s a common misconception—your translation provider is solely responsible for improving your translation quality.

As a translation provider, it is our job to provide you with accurate and reliable translation services—but did you know there are things often outside of our control that can affect the overall quality of your translations?

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6 best practices for Adobe Experience Manager website projects

Written by Henry Kuijpers in Customer Experience on 21/03/18

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is an enormous enterprise web content management system. It is packed with functionalities which enable content authors to create great digital experiences.

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Global marketing campaigns: Is your approach personalized for each locale?

Written by Gretchen Sampair in Global Content on 16/03/18

You’ve created the perfect global marketing campaign, and now it’s time to unveil it across your 12 key markets. Great! Time to break out the champagne and watch as the new revenue rolls in.

But will your message resonate equally among all your culturally diverse audiences?

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Intelligent document and data capture technologies and why they matter

Written by Marc Basten in Enterprise Content on 02/03/18

Working with AMPLEXOR, I am able to understand and assist organizations where Enterprise Content systems (ECS) are paired with Enterprise Capture platforms. However, I notice that in almost all organizations the Enterprise capture platform is not regarded with the same business relevance as the ECS.

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