10 ways to (trick or) treat your content marketing strategy 🎃

    Are you looking for ways to improve your content marketing strategy? Take our tips to scale up your content and grow your business. All treats and no tricks!

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    Colder weather, pumpkins, trees that look like they’ve changed to gold, and pumpkin spice lattes mean one thing - Halloween is just around the corner 🎃. But treats don’t have to be all sugar - we've packed a handful of resources and useful tips to ensure your content marketing efforts are spook-tacular! 👻 

    Let’s get to the guts and have some skele-fun! ☠️ 

    1. Content localization should be part of your content strategy 

    Did you know many brands are still looking at localization strategy as separate from the content strategy? 😱

    In reality, localized content for your target markets should be a forethought, and implemented into your entire content strategy from the beginningThis was one of the major takeaways from #ContentMarketingWorld – here are other marketing trends we learned. 


    2. Transcreation improves your global marketing performance 

    It probably doesn’t spook you when we say audiences expect personalization when, where and how they want it – what’s new, right? But when it comes to delivering content that resonates in another language, it can get tricky. That’s why transcreationis growing amongst companies that are eager to make an impactful first impression when entering new markets.  


    3. Outsourcing content creation helps you reach your marketing ghouls 👻 

    Keeping up with content demand can be more of a trick than a treat in this era where content reigns supreme. Whether running out of resources or time, outsourcing content creation to the experts could be the perfect spell to stay on budget, reach new audiences and easily measure ROI. 


    4. AI and content marketing = content intelligence 

    With so much data available at our fingertips, it can be a bit daunting knowing what to do with it all. One of the ways opting for artificial intelligence (AI) as a digital marketer can help you is by generating intelligence over your content for data-driven marketing – I bet your C-suite won’t find this strategy scary.  


    5. Create interactive experiences with AR and VR

    Making a lasting impression on modern consumers calls for innovative content formats. Rich media is the perfect spell to cast if you’re looking to engage your audience. Augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR) technology has multiple uses across industries to enhance the user experience. Definitely something to experiment with in 2020 


    6.    Build global websites with multilingual SEO in mind  

    A well-localized website in your audiences’ target language(s) is crucial for success when expanding to a new region. And, make sure you do your research into the search intent of your new target audience and apply multilingual SEO best practices. This way your prospects are able to find you online, and the next thing you know you’ve caught them in your “web”. 🕸️🕷️


    7. Spark engagement through rich media localization 

    Your creative multimedia content is captivating for local audiences, but can it be distributed globally and evoke the same meaning? Doubtful. Whether it’s videos, interactive rich media, AR content or even your audio podcasts, localizing your genius creative assets builds engagement and a reputable brand across continents. 


    8. Ease the process of global content management 

    Are you dealing with a scary amount of multilingual content? Don’t let this time-consuming task take you to the grave ⚰️. Defining an overall corporate strategy for all your content efforts, identifying an owner and centralizing to one global content partner can simplify your multilingual content management. 


    9. Reach your holiday marketing potential

    Before we know it, the gold leaves will be gone and the holiday season will be here 🎄 - from Thanksgiving 🦃 to New Year’s Day 🍾. And let's be honest, when talking about digital marketing, not all months are created equal.

    The holiday season can be the land of opportunities for marketers - whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, strengthen the connection with your audiences or drive sales. Make sure you correctly position your digital marketing efforts to make the most of the potential holiday goldmine! 


    9. Amplexor helps global businesses reach their goals 

    The most fang-tastic tip of them all? 🧛 We can help you with all the above (and more) as your strategic partner for global content. Our teams – experts in globalization with a creative mindset – can create, manage, culturally adapt and deliver as much or as little content as you desire.


    As we "close the coffin" on this blog, we hope you were able to take some wickedly-awesome tips to improve your digital marketing efforts. Want to chat more in depth about your content marketing strategy? Connect with us today! 

    And, one last thing – happy Halloween season🎃 

    Published on    Last updated on 19/12/2019

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    About the author

    Karalee Dunham is a Marketing Coordinator at Amplexor International and is based in River Falls, Wisconsin. She specializes in content creation and has been part of the Global Content & Language Solutions team since 2017.