2020 at Amplexor: Recap of a year to remember

2020 ensured its place in history books – and for Amplexor, it even had its very own milestones in store... Take your last cruise through 2020 with us!


2020 has been unconventional to say the least. However, this year has helped people come together in a time of global uncertainty and has brought forward the creativity and determination across professions, cultures and more. We’d like to thank all those who’ve been part of our jorney this year and incite you to read ahead for a wrap up of 2020.

January: Top content trends and European Parliament’s translations

The New Year began with the exciting release of the Top Content Trends – a compilation that paves the way to the future of content, brought to you by our cross-sectoral experts.

January 2020 was also the month to celebrate eight new translation contracts awarded by The European Parliament’s Directorate-General for Translation (DGT), only weeks before the win of yet another tender procedure for the same institution.

February: A Great Place to Work and new leadership in DACH

February kick-started with the recognition of Amplexor Belgium as a Great Place to Work®. The independent recognition certifies Amplexor’s high-trust and high-performing workplace culture and we were thrilled to receive this award on our first attempt.

This was also the month of the Dublin Table Talk - The ROI of Localization with insights on how to connect business metrics to overall spending in global content, introducing digital content solutions for organizations.

Last but not least, we welcomed a new leadership for the DACH region – fueling both innovation in content solutions and overall growth.

March: Business continuity and the shift to “all-digital”

Marching our way back into the China office!

While our offices in China had been closed since January, March marked the unexpected and rapid spread of Covid-19 across the rest of the world. With the help of our resilient and focused teams, Amplexor quickly adapted to the circumstances and maintained a close relationship with customers worldwide, while safely guaranteeing business continuity worldwide.

A good example was transforming all scheduled physical events into virtual sessions. The groundbreaking success of the Teams’ Tuesday’s series was proof the strategic shift matched our customer demands. This series of virtual tutorials packed with best practices and all the tips and tricks for remote teams to stay productive with Microsoft Teams and Office 365.

This month came to a close with the major life sciences challenges addressed on two separate webinars: regulatory data management and localization.

April: Best pan european campaign and best use of content marketing

April at Amplexor was a quiet and uneventful month... April fools! It was filled with new achievements and a packed schedule.

Great news! Our China Office was officially reopened as of 30 March for a slow, safe and steady return to normal in the month of April.

Amplexor was shortlisted for the 2020 European Search Awards in two categories: Best Pan European Campaign and Best Use of Content Marketing - side by side with some of the top SEO companies and marketing agencies. A clear sign thatwe’re at the top of our game when it comes to digital strategy and content expertise.

After seeing our Reseller Platinum partner level renewed in the beginning of the year, Amplexor’s partnership with OpenText has extended even further in April, with additional information governance and digital process automation solutions. 

We were also featured in the MedTechIntelligence journal with an article on illuminating the shadows: how unveiling five blind spots can transform business for life sciences organizations.

Still in April, the Luxembourg Digital Workplace Community gathered for the third edition, but this time online! The series of virtual sessions highlighted the topics of the moment: digital workplaces in times of Coronavirus, productivity hacks and how to humanize remote teamwork.

May: Be The Expert 2020

Be it as it may...

The last-minute adaptation of Be The Expert 2020 from an in person event to a digital one was a major success. Life sciences industry professionals from around the world joined the virtual edition to share their knowledge and discuss the latest trends on matters such as healthcare transformationQDMS/QMS - leveraging the power of analytics and connected labeling.

It was also time foranother major achievement in the digital space, as our customer WABCO's global portal ranked on top 10 websites by Kentico.

June: Amplexor global brand with AEM & Valo

June was nothing short of an exciting month for the Amplexor brand. We finally launched our newly revamped website for a better user experience in every language. The new content and design structure were made possible with the leading enterprise web content management system (WCMS): Adobe Experience Manager 6.5.

And as we went all in, we also reinvented our intranet, with the help of Valo. With options to personalize our interface and sync with the organization’s brand image, Valo was key to improve the internal culture worldwide.

July: Global Search Award 2020 and LocWorldWide

June is already over? Julying!

Amplexor was once again shortlisted for another SEO award – this time, the Global Search Awards 2020, featuring the best search marketing across the world. A recognition of our successful localized digital marketing strategies.

To wrap up the month, Amplexor took part at LocWorldWide conference, addressing the ins and outs of localization and the opportunities for automation through content connectivity, touching on the efficiency of APIs for content efficiency.

August: Ignite revenue through content - the series

In August, we kickstarted our virtual knowledge series focusing on how to ignite revenue through content. Biweekly, until mid-December, we featured leading content and language industry leaders and their perspectives on the global content lifecycle: from a rebellious take on customer engagement to 5 Covid-inspired content marketing principles.

It was also in August that Amplexor embraced the future with our new, streamlined end-to-end translation and localization portal, Rikai, for easy and unified content handling.

September: Amplexor & Acolad Group merger 

This month was one to September!

Amplexor and the Acolad Group came forward to announce our combined expansion plan, highlighting the biggest merger and acquisition in both partners’ history. The combination of our organizations’ expertise in the language and content services pave the path to a bright and promising future.

September also saw Amplexor selected to speak at the leading (and virtual) Intranet & Digital Workplace Congress, among other collaboration experts. Together, we shared our knowledge about the latest intranet trends and digital workplace platforms.

The month came to a close with the virtual Employee Communication Day 2020, the first ever congress dedicated to internal communications co-hosted by the two Belgian references in the field. Amplexor participated as a Silver Sponsor, showcasing some of our tips and tricks to use Microsoft Teams.

October: Brussels Digital Workplace and OpenText World 2020

You really autumn know what went on in October!

To start off, Amplexor joined the Brussels Digital Workplace Conference for its first ever online edition. This was the perfect opportunity to further enforce the pros and cons of working remotely, with tools such as SharePoint, Microsoft 365 and more.

Later on, we joined other EIM experts online for OpenText World 2020, where companies came together to explore what's changing in digital transformation strategies, especially in the midst of the global pandemic.

And we couldn't go without highlighting the launch of the launch of new food service platform for Sligro, the number one food service group in the Netherlands and Belgium, together with partners Osudio and Sentia.

November: Amplexor & Acolad Group, it's official!

This month was an affair to November!

Amplexor was thrilled to announce that we are now officially part of the Acolad Group. Great reason to celebrate, towards the end of a year with global challenges like no other.

But it wasn't the only milestone of November! Adobe has once again renewed its confidence in Amplexor with the Adobe Experience Manager Site Specialization for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. 

December: Virtual X Day, partnership and new contract

December started with flying colors as Amplexor hosted its first ever virtual X Day. Covering all the latest OpenText updates, our own certified experts, customers and partners, took part in over 20 sessions.

The month continued to unfold with more exciting announcements! One of them was the launch of a new partnership between Amplexor and WPML (WordPress Multilingual). With over 1,000,000 users worldwide, this is set to make website translation for portals using the best of breed WordPress multilingual plugin.

Another great news to close the year was the start of a long-term agreement with the United Nations that will run for three years. The scope of this partnership includes written translations for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), but the simplified on-boarding for other UN sister agencies will ease future developments within the UN system.

And with the end of the year upon us, we couldn't end without wishing you a safe and happy holiday season and a 2021 with more insightful readings!


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