2020 content predictions: top trends to look out for

    Take a look into the future of content with our experts’ predictions and top trends for 2020.

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    “Content is a strategic asset in its own right. In fact, many would state that Content is the new Edge in terms of competitive differentiator.” - Mark Evenepoel, CEO of Amplexor


    “Content is King” - we’ve been hearing, reading and questioning it since the famous Bill Gates’ statement in 1996. Truth is, three decades after it still rings true.

    It’s 2020 and, more than ever imagined, content is leading business markets worldwide in its many forms. With this in mind, we’ve asked our experts to share their vision of what they believe are the top content trends for 2020. Coming from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, for some the future of content is all about strategy, while others focus on organization, promotion or even user adoption.

    To share these different perspectives on what will shape the content world in 2020, we’ve compiled a thought-provoking ebook for you. Our content predictions will get you 20/20 clarity on what can make or break your business this decade, according to our own cross-sectoral experts! 

    Explore our top 21 content trends for 2020:

    1. AI-driven content
    2. Intelligent analytics
    3. Personalized content on-demand
    4. Continuous translation
    5. The rise of the machines
    6. Connectivity
    7. Brand collaboration
    8. Topic clusters
    9. Niche-specific AR integrations
    10. Enterprise virtual reality gets real
    11. Ubiquitous content
    12. Data-driven personalization
    13. Neuromarketing
    14. Content standardization
    15. Amplified XML
    16. Intelligence & automation
    17. User experience & adoption
    18. Low-code platforms
    19. Centralized archiving
    20. Data protection compliance
    21. Multi-tier architecture

    Curious to learn more? Check out where content is heading this year - get your copy of the top 21 content trends ebook.

    Contributors Showcase: Meet the experts that contributed to our 2020 content trends

    Meet the experts that contributed to our 2020 content trends:

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    Inês Pimentel is Senior Content Marketing Manager at Amplexor, based in Lisbon. With broad experience in marketing and communication in tech, service and non-profit contexts, Inês joined Amplexor marketing team in 2016. She's certified in Inbound, Email and Content Marketing.