5 reasons to be curious about Kentico 11

We have been really enthusiastic about our partnership with Kentico and how the all-in-one CMS is helping marketers to differentiate their brands . Feeling curious? Find out some of the reasons why we’ve selected Kentico to integrate our digital experience solutions portfolio.

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We have been really enthusiastic about our recently announced partnership with Kentico. The user-friendly CMS platform and its out-of-the-box marketing and ecommerce features has been receiving a very positive market reaction. In this blog post we reveal some of the top reasons why we’ve selected Kentico to integrate our digital experience solutions portfolio.

Great opportunity to discover the latest version of the user-friendly Kentico’s CMS platform



Built-in GDPR compliance

As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25 May 2018, Kentico’s new updated version has embedded privacy compliance tools and guidelines to help website owners and digital marketers around the world. GDPR compliance has been on our radar for the past year, working together with clients across industries to prepare their organizations for the new regulation.

Kentico’s comprehensive view on which types of data are collected, how they are collected and for what purpose are they used, is the perfect match to our own integrated approach towards GDPR compliance. With Kentico 11, marketers can easily fulfil and document the right to access, to right to portability and the right to be forgotten, deleting or exporting information as structured and machine-readable data. The integration of an innovative data protection app also facilitates the creation and management of different types of consent agreements and add them to pages, forms and other website components.


Out-of-the-box integrations

Connecting your digital marketing efforts to your sales activities is a must-have to effectively engage your target audiences. With Kentico, we can easily leverage the information between your CMS and CRM systems through tailored integrations giving you an end-to-end view on customers’ journeys. Moreover, the new updated version introduces out-of-the-box connections with Salesforce and Dynamics 365 for better performance.

And while Kentico “all in one” solutions include advanced marketing automation and campaign management tools, this release also brought good news for those who are just looking for a more robust CMS. If you are already happy with your current marketing platform we will connect it with Kentico CMS, keeping all the legacy information about clients and visitors, to optimize and personalize all the interactions experience through your website, email marketing, etc.


Faster and smarter search experience

The introduction of Search as a Service tool with Azure Search indexes brings new capabilities to customize results, identify behaviors and to fine-tune your website or online store to provide faster, smarter and more personalized search experiences for visitors. Faceted search helps users to explore a large collection of information by applying multiple filters and more easily find what they are looking for. Other improvements include search suggestions for type-ahead queries in the search bar, hit highlighting to format matching keywords in search results, and sorting options offered for multiple fields.


World-class eCommerce features

The massive growth expected for worldwide ecommerce and the rising expectations regarding online buying experiences lead Kentico to redesign their ecommerce solution from the ground up. This release comes equipped with a modular system for easy customization and extensibility for any sized business or industry type. 

The new ecommerce features allow extended options for organizing and classifying your product catalog, a new price and tax calculation model, support for gift cards and discount coupon codes and Google Analytics ecommerce tracking integration to correlate sales data with website usage data.

While the native ecommerce capabilities were enhanced, Kentico also added a new certified extension for Ucommerce, a leading ecommerce platform vendor, which provides the answer to the specialized needs of larger corporations, particularly multinationals.


Drag-and-drop email marketing

Even if social networks and messaging apps are growing in popularity, email is still top rated by marketers to engage customers and build loyalty. On par with the ecommerce solution, Kentico’s email builder was also completely redesigned, with emphasis on ease of use, to a drag-and-drop system. It’s much friendlier towards digital marketers and doesn’t require any development or technical skills. The new visual, widget-based builder improves the way marketers build, manage, optimize and run responsive email campaigns and newsletters, with tools for personalization, A/B testing, plaintext support, in-browser preview for desktop and mobile devices, as well as enhanced reporting.

Published on    Last updated on 07/11/2019

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