5 things I learned at Content Marketing World 2019

    Couldn’t make it to Content Marketing World or want a quick conference recap? We lift the curtain on the major trends that were discussed in Cleveland, Ohio.

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    Content Marketing World 2019 was the second Content Marketing Institute event that I’ve attended this year and I’m quickly becoming a huge fan. Their ability to connect with not only attendees and sponsors, but also world renowned speakers is amazing! The conference was so inspiring, it even got a “Sales Guy” to blog about marketing.

    There’s so much I could highlight from the event, but here are my five most meaningful takeaways from CMWorld 2019.

    1. Marketing and sales are a TEAM!

    They are the legs of the organization. As such, alignment between marketing and sales strategies as well as ensuring both teams work in a collaborative way is critical to any organization’s success.

    My favorite bit of information was from global marketing author Pam Didner, on sales enablement.  Pam suggested sales and marketing to map out their buyer’s journey together. This discussion ensures marketing collateral bring value every step of the way - from the first contact, during qualification, through demo, proposal and closing.

    Tip for sales teams: Marketing can’t do this unless you’re telling them what the sales journey is. Everyone in the organization needs to get involved in your content marketing strategy!



    2. Your buyers’ decision process is the same as yours

    When you go to buy a new pair of headphones, what do you do? You first go out and DISCOVER your options, then you RESEARCH what’s needed in a good headphone, VALIDATE your choice against other headphones and PURCHASE.

    Nilla Ali from Buzzfeed showed the importance of these stages in her keynote, and how Buzzfeed is applying the buyer’s journey in their content marketing efforts.

    This concept also applies in every industry – you need to be DISCOVERABLE and let your buyers know there is a solution for their pains. Make their RESEARCH a pain free process with information that is easy to understand and access. They’ll VALIDATE, so make sure your story is told and understood before they do. Then let them feel comfortable with their decision when PURCHASING.

    3. Localization strategy is still viewed as separate from content strategy

    There are still many global brands that figure out their content strategy, deploy it and then say, “We need something for our international markets.” Instead of an afterthought, localization should be a part of your content strategy!

    You should be considering your target markets and internationalization goals when you choose your CMS, before your product launches and when deciding what content to create. Similarly, you need to be setting up KPI’s for your translated content too.

    Website localization, software globalization, marketing transcreation are revenue growers, not something you purchase just to check a box!

    4. Account-based marketing

    Account-based marketing (ABM) is a hot topic right now. It may have actually been the most popular event buzzword next to “snackable content”, or the image of a cat seeing its shadow as a lion. The reason why it’s so popular is because it’s a smart approach to marketing strategy.

    Know your buyer before your reach out. Let them know you understand their challenges and inform them about the challenges other companies in the same industry are facing. However, avoid telling them you know they have three kids, one of which wears braces, and that they live on Transplicity Road and have a dog name Smoochie!

    5. The top content marketing challenges

    Shhh… This is a secret… My buyers were at CMWorld and they told me all about their challenges. One of the reasons I attended was also to learn about my prospective customers and the challenges they’re having with their content strategy. I heard them all loud and clear, so here are the top challenges for content marketers:

    • Content creation

    In a world that needs content like the cookie monster needs cookies, who has the time to create it? Marketing teams need help crafting content like ebooks, blogs, infographics, social media posts, etc.

    • Content management

    Content is being created and lost in silos. Teams have the technology, but their tech stack isn’t communicating with each other. Copy and paste needs to be eliminated and the content exchange needs to be more seamless.

    • Localization

    International audiences want content created for their region and local culture, and will move away from pieces that sound like they were simply translated from another language. They want you to value them as a customer, and understanding how they want to be spoken to is a great first step. How can content writers ensure they’re aware of all the cultural nuances of each region on top of all their other tasks?

    • Going beyond website, blogs and social media

    There are different ways to deliver and repurpose your content. Consumers today expect new technologies and engaging content formats like podcasts, voice automation and AR/VR from brands when researching about their products. While some content creators are thriving with the new forms of media, others are just hoping their CEO doesn’t see a presentation on the benefits of augmented reality for business. “Kathy, can you create some cool AR/VR demos for this product launch? Thanks.”

    Well, I have good news for marketers and content creators. Amplexor can help through all of the above (and more). We know that as your audience grows around the world, your content strategy needs to grow too. As a global content solutions partner, we can support your entire content lifecycle from content creation through localization to delivery. If you’d like to know more about our global marketing services, please reach out through the comments below.

    I hope to meet you all at Content Marketing World next year!

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