Adobe Symposium Amsterdam 2017: Experience at the heart of business

    Recap the key discussions from Adobe Symposium Amsterdam 2017, get inspired and transform your business to deliver absolutely delightful customer experiences.

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    Adobe Symposium Amsterdam took place last 6 November and brought together business leaders, senior marketers, creative directors and IT executives from large B2B and B2C companies around the motto “Make experience your business”.

    As Adobe Experience Manager Specialized Partner, Amplexor was Gold Sponsor of the event, showcasing how we’ve launched world-class Digital Experience programs across industries with Adobe technologies. To demonstrate how the practical uses of innovative technologies such as Virtual Reality can add to businesses’ marketing tactics, we hosted virtual experiences for visitors at our booth with a PlayStation VR. David Mattin, Global Head of Trends & Insights at TrendWatching, confirmed later in the conference this will be one of the major digital trends driving digital experiences in 2018.

    With the conference’s agenda focusing on how businesses are placing experience at the heart of their business strategy, there were plenty more insights to collect for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing every customer experience.


    DSM’s testimonial “How we have grown our online presence in the B2B market”

    One of our client’s success story was also featured in the Marketing breakout track of the conference. Laurens Glasbergen and Nicole Peters, Solution Architect and Domain Lead Marketing and Sales, respectively, at DSM, gave participants a look behind the scenes at Adobe Experience Cloud as the foundation of the science-based company’s digital channels. Global, fully accessible and responsive websites spread awareness of their motto “Science Can Change The World”. With interactive features, such as on-page forums and competition channels, DSM is able to attract science and technology innovators and proactively engage them on lively community discussions. Additionally, social media integration enables social listening, publishing and analytics, while displaying the latest “science buzz” through an onsite wall that collects feeds from the company’s different profiles.

    DSM’s testimonial “How we have grown our online presence in the B2B market” 

    Experience is the new loyalty

    John Mellor, VP Strategy for Business Development and Marketing at Adobe, introduced the topic of digital disruption and how it’s making traditional marketing tactics to evolve to delivering compelling experiences to audiences. For Mellor, an “experience business” is when the company truly understands the consumer and wraps whatever product or service that they sell into an experience. This spans across the buyer’s journey from how they browse, how they buy it and how those experiences are integrated in their lifestyle.

    The speaker also cited a recent survey by Adobe that showed 8 out of 10 consumers are loyal to brands that offer positive experiences. The report also stated 66% of the enquired expect these experiences to be personalized and tailored to their needs, but not at the cost of their personal data - they demand transparency on how their data is used. The same survey also assessed the four imperatives of a successful “experience business”:

    1 – Context as the starting point of the conversation between brand and user

    2 – Content has to be designed for speed and scale, i.e., it needs to be relevant and engaging, but also delivered timely and consistently

    3 – Milliseconds determine the experience: in today’s fast-paced world, apps, videos and websites must be fully accessible and load instantly - users have no patience for slow experiences

    4 – Integrate to innovate: data is the catalyst to bring people and organizations together through customized content across all marketing channels

    The leader concluded that it’s imperative all companies become an “experience business” to stay relevant in the landscapes of competition and brand differentiation in the coming decades.

    In 2018, business and marketing strategies should focus on continuing to get closer and closer to customers to look not only at how they understand the company’s offerings but also to make using the product or service an absolutely delightful experience.
    John Mellor


    Combining sales and marketing data

    John Reynders, Director Business Application and Digital Transformation Lead at Microsoft Western Europe, highlighted the strategic partnership between Adobe and Microsoft. The new Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration with Adobe Experience Manager advances sales and marketing capabilities by connecting rich marketing content design with CRM data. For Reynders, this puts companies a step forward and allows them to embrace digital transformation and truly deliver unique, personalized and relevant customer experiences across sales and marketing. The trend to observe in the future is the new technology paradigm that’s emerging – artificial intelligence will be prefaced across devices, apps and infrastructure.

    It’s not just about the technology, but more about how human creativity and imagination will limit us in how we unleash the potential of this new technology.
    John Reynders

    Marc Eaman, Director Experience Marketing EMEA at Adobe demonstrated how Adobe’s and Microsoft’s integrated vision comes to life with Adobe Experience Manager, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Sensei. Combining customer data and artificial intelligence, Adobe Sensei optimizes smart content delivery which helps marketing teams target the right content for each of their audience segments.

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