Advancements in Translation Shine at AMPLEXOR’s Innovation Summit

AMPLEXOR's Innovation Summit showcased advancements in translation technology, content solutions and the latest trends in the translation and localization industry.

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On Wednesday, September 12, AMPLEXOR hosted our Innovation Summit in San Francisco. The purpose of the event was to showcase translation technology advancements in AMPLEXOR solutions and the latest trends in the translation and localization industry – and the evening did not disappoint.

What made the event a true success was the caliber of guests and presenters. We were excited to host decision makers from a range of leading companies in Silicon Valley and beyond who attended to see executives from AMPLEXOR, Hasbro, CrossFit and Common Sense Advisory (CSA) deliver insightful, interactive presentations. We were honored to have dynamic presenters from these organizations offer their time and expertise to make the event valuable for attendees.

Back row, left to right: AMPLEXOR's Justin Bechtel, Shane Smith, Claire Eskwith and CrossFit's Leah Polaski. 
Front row, left to right: AMPLEXOR's Dean Berg, Kathleen Arroyo, CSA's Don DePalma and Hasbro's Yvan Lantin

Innovation at AMPLEXOR

First, Dean Berg, Strategic Account Director for AMPLEXOR, talked about AMPLEXOR’s innovation roadmap and how our intelligent content solutions create modern digital landscapes for our clients. The presentation explained how a specialized team within our R&D department focuses on developing modular, plug-and-play solutions that use machine learning and automation to solve evolving customer pain points. If our customers need us to build and manage their entire translation program, we can implement an end-to-end solution to meet their needs. On the other hand, customers can also leverage stand-alone modules of our translation technology and integrate those individual components with existing systems. For more information on our flexible portfolio of global content and language solutions, contact us now.

Streamlining Content Globalization at Hasbro

Second, Yvan Lantin, Assistant Manager of Brand Translation at Hasbro, explained how AMPLEXOR partnered with his team to centralize and streamline translation for the company on a global scale. Before working with AMPLEXOR, Hasbro’s translation processes differed across departments and regions. This siloed approach led to a lack of transparency, excessive costs, inconsistent messaging and difficulty with finding the right translation vendor to meet specific business needs.

Thus, Hasbro partnered with AMPLEXOR to develop and implement a comprehensive, scalable content globalization strategy that identified clear objectives, established a Hasbro-branded translation center and integrated existing and new technologies to centralize translation across the organization.

What was the impact of this strategy? AMPLEXOR and Hasbro have been working together for over a decade. In that time, the translation strategy has unified content globalization efforts, reduced overall translation costs, enabled Hasbro to release products and enter new markets more quickly, provided better control over IP-sensitive assets and delivered a consistent voice for consumers throughout multilingual content. Success! 

Scaling Localization for CrossFit

Third, Leah Polaski, CrossFit’s Training Department Operations Manager, teamed up with Mr. Berg to deliver an exciting and interactive presentation. We learned how CrossFit’s corporate philosophies of coaching/partnering, scaling to athletes’ abilities and achieving measurable results have guided both the company’s global growth and their localization journey.

By 2017, CrossFit needed to translate content into a range of languages; however, their initial localization methods were not scalable, involved a lot of unique terminology and were supported by little budget. Furthermore, CrossFit needed to redesign the website through which their multilingual content was to be published.

CrossFit partnered with AMPLEXOR to roll out a cohesive content globalization strategy to make the creation and publication of multilingual information more efficient, cost effective and advanced from a digital experience perspective. AMPLEXOR also scaled the translation program to meet CrossFit’s needs – from budget to available resources to existing system limitations. AMPLEXOR then enabled CrossFit to carefully measure the success of its translation program using a dashboard to provide actionable metrics.

CrossFit’s partnership with AMPLEXOR has helped the company establish a flexible program that efficiently delivers localized information across all digital touchpoints via modern user interfaces. “Partnering with AMPLEXOR has enabled us to implement a translation program that aligns with CrossFit’s global content needs,” said Ms. Polaski. “Just as we scale fitness and nutrition programs to support athletes of all capabilities, AMPLEXOR has scaled a translation program to support our global growth.”

Cutting-Edge Insights from CSA

A presentation from Don DePalma, founder of CSA, rounded out the evening. Mr. DePalma has over 30 years of experience in the fields of technology, language services and market research. CSA is one of the foremost research firms in our industry. Not surprisingly, Mr. DePalma’s presentation offered a plethora of cutting-edge insights on the future of translation technology and trends in the localization industry.

A major takeaway from Mr. DePalma’s presentation was how digital transformation and smart devices are impacting translation requirements. The systems within the smart devices we use every day, such as televisions, mobile phones, automobiles, wearable devices, speakers and more are using machine intelligence to have verbal conversations with humans. As that machine intelligence improves, people will have more realistic and dynamic conversations with smart devices / robots. In the near future, people will expect conversations with their smart devices to not only be accurate, but also occur in their native languages and dialects. This means AMPLEXOR, and all other global content and language solutions providers, must adapt to provide flawless, real-time translations for spoken-language user interfaces or risk being left behind.

It was a wonderful evening. “The Innovation Summit was a great opportunity to strengthen partnerships with some of our most valued clients,” said Mr. Berg. “The event gave us a chance to celebrate past successes and look toward the future to identify solutions that will help solve our clients’ evolving business challenges.” We cannot wait for the 2019 Innovation Summit series to begin!

For more information on AMPLEXOR’s Innovation Summit series or to learn more about our intelligent content solutions, email us at

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Published on 25/09/18    Last updated on 01/07/19

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Claire Eskwith is the Marketing Director for Global Content & Language Solutions at AMPLEXOR. She joined AMPLEXOR in 2017 and is based in Colorado.


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