4 pain points you may not realize you’re experiencing: Advantages of Globalization Consulting

Experiencing challenges in your drive for global expansion? Discover the advantages of globalization consulting and how these services can help.

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Expanding globally can be an exciting and rewarding—yet daunting—process. While there are countless advantages of globalization, it often means starting over in an unknown locale and building your business plan from the ground up to align with new markets. Planning requires recognizing and analyzing the risks and rewards, plus, ensuring you have the measures and partners in place to support you as you embark on this new journey.

Having a well thought out and expertly planned globalization strategy is key to helping you achieve success abroad. But, where do you even begin? Or perhaps you’ve been in this boat before, but struggled with it the first, second or even third go-‘round.

If you find yourself nodding along in understanding to any of these challenges, perhaps you should consider Globalization Consulting services for your company: 

1. You have little or no visibility into program performance

Your company leaders probably wouldn’t run the business without any metrics or benchmarks to measure performance. Why would your translation program be any different? Translations are a major undertaking for many companies, but oftentimes it’s discovered many companies don’t actually know how their program is performing or even how much is actually spent on translations across the entire organization.

Just like a car needs regular checkups and maintenance to keep it running efficiently, your translation program needs similar diagnostics and tuning to keep it operating optimally. Advantages of globalization are only realized when you can benchmark and see the results of your efforts—globalization consulting services can do this for you.

2. Inefficient workflows are wasting valuable time & money

How many hours does your team spend each month manually submitting projects for translation and tracking them down? If what’s supposed to be a minor part of each requestor’s job takes way more time than is preferred, it may indicate a very inefficient process.
Globalization consulting services often reveal that completely manual processes cost many organizations a lot more than just time and frustration. After all, just think about the soft costs associated with individuals not being able to fully focus on doing the core job they’re paid to do. Not to mention, those inefficient hands-on efforts leave more room for human errors to slip in and also can give you little to no schedule predictability for completion of projects.

During the consulting process an audit is performed to identify goals, opportunities and any current challenges. Then a plan is designed specifically for your company’s needs—for example, looking at ways to automate your workflow with a translation management system that eliminates inefficiencies. It might even be suggested you integrate your content management systems into that translation management system so that you can have hands-off file transfers to make the translation process even more seamless from start to finish.

3. No quality controls in place and no way to measure it

For organizations—big or small—it’s very common that quality controls aren’t in place. For example, there’s no formal method to track how many times mistakes are made and why they are changed throughout the entire translation process.

Without proper insight into quality, you might only realize quality isn’t up to par when it’s too late—with mistranslations turning off your end users and potentially harming your brand. Even if you have internal reviewers, they may find themselves making the same changes over and over because these changes aren’t being formally documented, which means no way of improving it for future projects.

Identifying and implementing a formal quality plan with proper benchmarks for your localization program and larger globalization efforts is another asset of globalization consulting. This allows you to track how many changes are made and why those changes are made. This audit trail provides you with needed insight into your process so that you can see where any issues lie that require improvements going forward. 

4. Disjointed efforts among multiple divisions and business units

You may well be dealing with a decentralized translation program if your organization has multiple business units and divisions that each separately require global content. The marketing department might not coordinate translation efforts with the technical writers or the software engineers and so on.

When working with multiple vendors, if there isn’t a centralized approach to managing translation initiatives, you likely have no insight into how the organization-wide program performs or what goes on with translations across the entire company. This can mean costly duplicated efforts, missed opportunities for savings and less-consistent messaging across various content types. Globalization consulting services can identify ways to help you manage these multiple vendors—or even develop a plan to consolidate your vendor pool. 

Did you know...

AMPLEXOR does more than translation and localization? Our Globalization Consulting services can help you take control of your translation program and plot a course to success. We can deliver clear roadmaps and technology strategies to reach your globalization goals by defining your globalization challenges, assessing all dimensions of your localization processes and identifying optimization opportunities.

If you could use some direction with planning your globalization strategy, let AMPLEXOR be your guide. Every organization and situation is different, requiring a unique roadmap. Our globalization consulting experts dig into every need and challenge to pinpoint opportunities to streamline processes across your entire organization.

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Published on 26/01/18    Last updated on 01/07/19


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