Content Management on the Forefront at DIA RSIDM Conference

    Event representation is a critical way for AMPLEXOR Life Sciences to learn what content management customers are looking for, trends in the industry, and what the future holds.

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    In February, AMPLEXOR Life Sciences was proud to be represented at the DIA Regulatory Submissions, Information, and Document Management (RSIDM) Forum in North Bethesda, MD. For David Gwyn, Global Solutions Architect for AMPLEXOR Life Sciences, this event is “the be all event” in the world of content management, document management and publishing. Among the yearly attendees are leaders in regulatory operations. It’s important for AMPLEXOR to attend and meet with these individuals, as they are often the decision-makers when it comes to what software their companies will use.

    Gwyn believes this event is one of the “pinnacle” events in the content management world. “If you’re not at this conference,” Gwyn says, “then you must not be a player. If you look at all our big clients, they were all there. The people we work with and the people we want to work with are all there.”
    As well as being a good opportunity to meet with potential clients, RSIDM also represents an opportunity for AMPLEXOR Life Sciences to gain brand recognition within the United States. “We’re the best kept secret in the U.S.,” says Gwyn.

    At one point during the three-day content management event, Gwyn gave a presentation entitled “Leveraging End-to-End RIM to Drive Innovation in Regulatory Affairs.” This presentation detailed the finer points of regulatory automation.
    When it comes to the reasons why clients would look to a life sciences company such as AMPLEXOR, Gwyn believes it’s simple. “Everybody is looking to improve RIM, as it evolves and becomes better to find, they’re trying to move out of their Excel spreadsheets into more fully enabled and empowered solutions like ours.”

    This is the second year AMPLEXOR has attended the RSIDM Conference, and it is one we will continue to prioritize in the future.


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    Published on    Last updated on 20/09/2019

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