AMPLEXOR Life Sciences Named as a Leader for Innovation in RIM

Most companies like to think they are innovative. In almost any industry it is considered heresy to stand still and to not develop new approaches and products in line with changing market conditions and customer requirements.

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AMPLEXOR Life Sciences is no different. We take pride on the value customers place on our products and services and we work hard at delivering more innovative solutions that best address the concerns and challenges faced by our customers.

That’s why it is especially rewarding for that hard work and focus on innovation and the customer experience to be recognized - AMPLEXOR Life Sciences has been named as a leader for innovation in regulation information management (RIM) in Gens & Associates’ recent global survey of life sciences organizations.

Gens & Associates industry-defining research

The Gens & Associates 2018 Life Sciences Industry Survey, whose results were published 26 September, is the latest in a globally-respected research series that has been in place since 2007. It is one of the highest regarded pieces of research in our industry, tracking as it does the evolving priorities, challenges and trends of Life Sciences organizations across the world as they work to consolidate and automate their management and use of regulatory information.

The 2018 results revealed that AMPLEXOR had one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings - 4.58 out of 5, a result coming from surveying firms with first-hand experience of our RIM solutions and product roadmap. We also figured very highly in Gens and Associates Provider Innovation Index, which takes industry innovation perceptions of the providers, coupled with the ability to deliver on their product roadmaps.

AMPLEXOR – delivering more from RIM than just compliance

I believe the reason that AMPLEXOR Life Sciences scored so highly in the sections that really count – customer satisfaction and innovation – is that our solutions reflect an industry trend and appetite for end-to-end information management capabilities.

While compliance is of course a hugely important element of RIM, many firms within Life Sciences are starting to realize the potential of RIM to be used to improve the business in many other areas. These include product tracking and regulatory status, automating aspects of information preparation, and improving the vital connections with clinical, supply release and product change control. In short, RIM can improve an organization’s overall effectiveness and efficiency and our solutions play a significant role in that.

Steve Gens, managing partner at research and consultancy firm, Gens & Associates, said as much when commenting on the research findings:

“Life Sciences organizations now expect and need more from RIM than compliance. They need an “enterprise” capability that will allow them to be smarter, more efficient and reduce cycle times as most regulatory organizations are charged with improving their overall organizational effectiveness.”

Smarter use of information

There is more data and information than ever before in our industry and it stands to reason that smart organizations want to use that more proactively than just navigating the compliance and regulatory landscape, as important as doing that is.

That’s what we have learned from engaging with our customers and that’s why we have put that knowledge to good use by delivering to them an innovative suite of products and services that enables them to make smarter use of the information they hold. AMPLEXOR has a unique end-to-end approach to RIM, which is about creating comprehensive resources of product and regulatory knowledge and content. These can then be easily combined to meet a growing range of customer needs.

To be recognized by Gens & Associates as we have is a powerful sign that we are committed to both our customers’ experience and to delivering innovation to them.

The Gens & Associates’ 2018 Life Sciences Industry Survey: World Class Regulatory Information Management, Connections to Supply Release, Product Change, and QMS, is available here

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Published on    Last updated on 01/07/2019

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About the author

Elvis Paćelat is Vice President Compliance Management at Amplexor Life Sciences. Elvis is a business and technology executive with more than two decades of international experience in the Life Sciences market. With detailed technical understanding and expertise in compliance and regulatory content management solutions for Life Sciences, Elvis is a specialist in business impact analysis. As AMPLEXOR’s VP Compliance Management, he is responsible for driving the corporate strategy and market success of the AMPLEXOR Life Sciences’ suite business. Elvis is committed to delivering benefit for clients, partners and shareholders, whilst supporting client-centric strategies and spearheading groundbreaking innovations.