AR and multilingual content can solve your manufacturing challenges

    AR and multilingual content in manufacturing can help solve specific challenges related to the manufacturing industry. Read how the use of AR and multilingual content can create an efficient, lean and agile manufacturing processes resulting in more productivity, compliance and safety.

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    AMPLEXOR recently attended the American Manufacturing Summit in Chicago, eager to talk with attendees about innovations, disruptions and challenges facing their industry. We also hosted an engaging roundtable discussion centered on creating a digital ecosystem for end-to-end global content delivery. During this two-day event of breakout session discussions and one-on-one meetings with Directors, VPs, CEOs and CIOs, it became evident that digitalization and globalization – more specifically the pace of this transformation – are influencing manufacturers’ operations, processes and profitability.

    While chatting with the attendees, we uncovered themes that are not unlike those we encounter in other industries and areas of business – creating efficiencies, process automation and cost savings to name a few. We also uncovered some common pains in manufacturing – difficulty implementing more efficient, lean and agile manufacturing processes.

    The themes and pains we discovered led us to dig deep in our one-on-one meetings to educate how our solutions can help. Opting for solutions like augmented reality (AR) and multilingual content in manufacturing can increase the efficiency and quality of complex global training requirements, decrease costs and increase the consistency in how organizations communicate and train their employees. This can aid in creating efficient, lean and agile manufacturing processes resulting in increased productivity, compliance and safety.

    First, let’s establish exactly what we mean when talking about agile and lean manufacturing:

    • Agile manufacturing is described as processes, tools & training to enable one to respond quickly to customer needs and market changes while controlling costs and quality.
    • Lean manufacturing is described as minimizing waste without sacrificing production cross-functional teams.

    Now let’s address the challenges your company is facing.

    Manufacturing challenges

    It’s no secret, every industry presents businesses with the same challenges they all face together, competition or not. Therefore, we weren’t surprised when our booth attendees asked very similar questions – how to effectively train employees to increase productivity, compliance, and safety. And in return, create more efficient, lean and agile manufacturing processes. We had to get granular to better understand where the disconnect from employee training to productivity, compliance and safety was coming from.

    A prominent obstacle to achieving higher levels of productivity, compliance and safety is the difficulty creating effective training material on increasingly complex and ever-changing processes. This includes eLearning modules, hands-on trainings or other safety, maintenance and operations communications in a number of different departments.

    To make matters more difficult, employees from around the world, many of which speak different languages, consume these complex and ever-changing training materials.

    This is where AMPLEXOR can help. We dipped into our solution offerings to help manufacturing companies with solve these reoccurring issues. Here’s what we found.

    AR and multilingual content in manufacturing

    The challenges we’ve discussed can all be solved with multilingual content and / or AR. Think about it!

    Regardless of your current training procedures, your global workforce needs accurately translated and localized materials. If they don’t receive these, you are losing efficiency, adding cost, risking compliance, and even worse, risking the safety of your employees. We don’t just translate your training materials, we ensure the intended meaning and objective set forth by the process and training creator are communicated in the most effective way possible.

    We can even take it a step further and increase the effectiveness of your training programs by replacing typical manuals and written instructions with AR solutions.

    With an immersive learning experience through AR you can recreate a scenario, increase knowledge retention, even reduce costs and save time for the trainer and trainee. The best part? We can still localize the AR content to any language need you have. This leaves no room for error, increasing compliance and safety measures.

    Sick of reoccurring inspection procedures, repairs, change in operations and trainings that seem to take a lifetime? Simplify it with step-by-step visual instructions and automated reports through AR. This will reduce the need for specialized trainings and yet again, save costs and time spent on repairs. Opting for such a high-tech solution in this case helps create a more efficient, lean and agile manufacturing process.

    AR: What’s in it for your business

    Curious about all the endless ways AR could help you? Join our webinar 7 May to find out what’s in it for your business.

    Connect with us for more information on all the technologies we offer to optimize your global and digital content experience. 


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