Box World 2018 – what’s new in cloud content management?

Box World Tour Europe 2018 is over, but don't worry if you may have missed something! We packed a day of cloud content management insights into a blog post, covering advanced workflow automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data protection features.

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Last May 24th, visionaries, champions and technologists gathered in London for Box's flagship Europe event.  This year’s Box World Tour was driven around the question “How can Box enable organizations’ digital transformation?”. As part of their partner network since last year, we joined this unique opportunity to discuss on how emerging technologies are impacting the workplace and predictions of the future tech stack.

I have to say, in every conference I attended over the past year the subjects of digital transformation and the future of work have been recurrent.  This, of course, makes sense, as every organization is working on transforming their processes and work styles to become more flexible, closer to the customer and to enable the delivery of better services. The added bonus of Box World was focusing on making Cloud Content Management a reality and how the Box products help in this respect.

Organizations have created a jungle of enterprise systems over the years, and centralizing their important files in a single place helps organizations digitally transform themselves. This is the modern way of looking into more traditional ECM. Replacing traditional on-premises content management systems and repositories also solves complex business processes' challenges like data governance, regulatory compliance and retention schedules. So, how to put this powerful philosophy into practice?

  • Store all your files in a single place
  • Integrate them with all your other IT systems (that’s why they have around 1400 integrations!)
  • Add governance to these files, such as using rights management and retentions
  • Use additional services to gain more insight, like Box Skills for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Use out-of-the-box processes with Box Relay for team collaboration and workflow management
  • And use a pay-per-use license model to pay for these services.
Box World 2018

During the conference we gathered inspiration from several digital transformation success stories with Box that were presented for discussion, but there were also some cool announcements that came out of Box World Tour that I’d like to mention:

Advanced BPM and workflow automation

The ability to add external business process management (BPM) engines into Box, such as Nintex, which is also a partner of AMPLEXOR. This provides great added value because now it becomes possible to use a full cloud-based BPM tool to manage advanced day-to-day and business-critical processes. On one hand, the new workflow automation possibilities help eliminate manual tasks and drive more effective team collaboration. On the other hand, they contribute to improve document consistency and compliance, by bringing up-to-date business data and content together from different sources.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

The endless machine learning (ML) possibilities that Box Skills will deliver to content is already stored securely in Box. The standard out-of-the-box integrations with IBM Watson, Google and Microsoft Azure already offers great capabilities. These companies are investing huge amounts of money in increasing the capabilities of their artificial intelligence (AI) platforms.

Last year Gartner predicted an 800% growth in the volume of business content in the next five years. But if all this information is spread among platforms, applications and devices, it becomes impossible to maximize the value extracted from them through manual processing. ML and AI capabilities come into play to solve this challenge: through image, audio and video intelligence, Box Skills enables smarter content and smarter ways of working.

We saw great practical examples of this in action, such as automatic call center analysis with voice transcript, sentiment analysis, keyword recognition or video analysis - where a user can see who speaks when in the video including a transcript of the spoken text and keyword analysis. Furthermore, all these features can even be further extended by integrating your own AI technology into Box Skills.

Work without borders

Multi-zone support - Based on certain parameters the Box system can automatically re-locate the files to a different “zone”. With this concept Box offers more flexibility in storing your files. For example, when a person re-locates from Japan to Europe the files can be automatically moved to an EU data center without causing any disruption on the users’ side. This feature gained particular relevance with GDPR’s entry into force last month. Organizations can reduce risk by addressing global data residency and data protection requirements, without sacrificing to productivity.

BOX countries - Cloud Content Management

With around 80,000 customers and more than 41 million users around the world, Box is a key player in cloud content management. If we look at the success Box is having in the US, it’s a good example on how the adoption trend of cloud storage solutions will also grow in Europe.

Published on 07/06/18    Last updated on 28/07/19

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Bart Willems is Senior Manager Strategic Accounts at AMPLEXOR International based in the Netherlands. Bart joined AMPLEXOR in 2011 and has over 13 years of experience in enterprise content, digital experience and technical documentation management.


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