Building resilience through innovation: The OpenText way

    Technology innovation and building organizational resilience stood side by side at OpenText Enterprise World Digital.

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    OpenText Enterprise World brought together over 2500 attendees and over 600 partners from across the globe, for the first-ever 100% virtual edition of the event.

    Although the digital format was new to the conference, OpenText are no newcomers to the topic of information management. Just this decade alone, together with Amplexor and other partners, they have been driving transformation in several areas: from premises to the cloud, from analog to digital, from process to information, and from local to global.

    Here are some of the key takeaways we took from the keynote presentations by Mark J. Barrenechea and Muhi Majzoub, respectively OpenText CEO and EVP.

    Resilience in trying times

    Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText CEO, spoke about “The Resilient Company” highlighting the company’s role and vision in today’s changing world. In this context, OpenText priorities remain innovation in information management, with a focus on cloud, technology for the good, and reinforcing trust amidst current times of crisis.


    Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText CEO – Keynote at OpenText Enterprise World Digital 2020

    As veterans in the digital technology space, OpenText is also the ‘Resilient organization’ that stands strong (even in times of Covid-19), where remote work is possible, but also contactless retail and data protection. And cloud access is part of this all. Security needs to take its place and we see a lot of service APIs that make remote access possible to all the that data.

    And with this keynote, he introduced the newest update to Cloud Editions, the 20.2. The new release focuses on digital experience, with the aim of providing frictionless commerce while ensuring trust and innovation with cyber resilience. In short, now is the time to move to the OpenText cloud – and bring your own license (BYOL) in the OpenText cloud. Muhi Majzoub explored this topic even further, so Barrenechea’s keynote wasn’t the only exciting one!


    Cloud Editions 20.2, AppWorks and Magellan on the spotlight

    Muhi Majzoub, OpenText EVP and Chief Product Officer, was in charge of the tech keynote as usual. He presented the innovations in the pipeline for OpenText EIM technologies, and picked up right where Mark J. Barrenechea had left of.

    Release 16 Enhancement Pack 7 (EP7) of OpenText Content Suite was focused on integration, analytics, automation and user experience. Now we have the 20.2 Cloud Edition release that is superseding 16.7…what will it bring, in practical terms, to each part of the OpenText ecosystem? Here's what you can you expect with this update:

    opentext1OpenText Cloud Edition 20.2: what’s new?

    Key highlights:

    • SharePoint and Microsoft 365 users can expect a deeper integration with Documentum, like being able to save SP content in Documentum for retention and record purposes.
    • D2 SmartView is also getting some new adjustments, allowing for better productivity and user experience for the D2 client.

    Keep an eye out for new updates, as the Cloud Editions will get quarterly updates!

    AppWorks has received a revamp with the 20.2 CE update too, so it will be even faster to build applications and automate processes. It deserves a new blog post of its own (so stay tuned), but here’s a summary of what to expect:

    opentext2OpenText AppWorks: Key updates

    Last but not least, Muhi guided us through recent developments into OpenText Magellan, their proprietary artificial intelligence platform. Back in March, out-of-the-box Magellan was the star behind the OpenText Covid-19 outbreak dashboard, that analyses real-time data from multiple sources, including WHO, CDC, ECDC and more.



    When it comes to new updates coming up, expect to see more advanced business intelligence, text mining and big data processing for actionable insights.

    opentext3OpenText Magellan: New updates on AI for advanced5 BI

    Keep your eyes peeled for more on Magellan, also coming up on our blog!

    Published on    Last updated on 23/06/2020

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    About the author

    Antal Bos is Senior Technical Consultant at Amplexor, based in The Netherlands. With more than 15 years of experience working with Documentum and OpenText technologies, he focuses on guiding customers and ECM teams through ‘sustainable information management’. Antal is a Professional Scrum Developer/Master and holds several technical certifications by OpenText and Dell EMC.