Connect with our Alfresco experts at BeeCon Zaragoza

    Discover why you should hear our Alfresco experts Hans De Bal and Tom Vandepoele at the BeeCon Alfresco Developer Conference in Zaragoza, Spain.

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    From 25 to 28 April, the second edition of the BeeCon Alfresco Developer Conference will take place in Zaragoza, Spain. Since Alfresco replaced their own annual summit with the Alfresco Day Global Tour, the BeeCon Conference - organized by a group of Alfresco community experts - has been the biggest annual event to learn about the product and exchange ideas with Alfresco engineers.

    The event has something to offer everyone, including:

    • 3 days of breakout sessions
    • Keynotes from Alfresco top minds
    • Bird of a Feather discussion groups and hands-on sessions
    • Hack-a-thons to level-up your skills
    • Networking and collaboration with other experts

    Photo from BeeCon 2016 made by John Newton and Olivier AnhPhoto from BeeCon 2016 made by John Newton and Olivier Anh

    It goes without saying that Amplexor's Alfresco experts will be present in Zaragoza. In fact, two of our experts - Hans De Bal and Tom Vandepoele - have been selected to give talks.

    Leveraging search in Share

    Thursday 27/4 - 16:05 - Room 1

    Hans De Bal will explain how to enhance the search experience in Alfresco Share. 

    Alfresco Share's search result list is quite basic, since it only allows to sort and filter a set of pre-defined fields. From our discussions with customers, we've learnt that they expect more: they want control over the metadata fields seen in the results list, they expect to be able to save search queries for re-use, and require Excel exports of the results for reporting purpose, among other features.

    Amplexor's Alfresco team has developed a set of search experience improvements which are now commonly integrated in all our Alfresco projects. Hans will walk you through the different optimizations and will detail on how to implement them.

    Lightning Talks #4

    Friday 28/4 - 10:10 - Auditorium

    Tom Vandepoele 's presentation is part of a Lightning Talks session. In just 5 minutes, Tom will explain how we generate custom e-mails from within Alfresco.

    Sending e-mails from within Alfresco is a common requirement in projects. A typical example is a notification e-mail to a specific set of people that the final version of  a document is available. Such notification e-mails can imply some complexity: the e-mail message will be dynamically generated based on some contextual metadata (name of the document, who created the final version and when, etc.), and it should be sent to a prepopulated but modifiable set of recipients, while being stored within Alfresco, and so on. To find out how to accomplish all this within Alfresco, check out Tom's talk. 

    We're definitely excited to meet, share, learn, build, and enrich relationships at BeeCon. Hope to see you there!

    Connect with our Alfresco experts at BeeCon Zaragoza

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