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    With digital transformation, finance brands need to provide their customers smarter, relevant experiences. See what this looks like – and how to get there.


    The time has come when digital transformation can no longer be delayed: the explosion of digital channels has led to a shift from product-centric to customer-centric strategies in financial services. The purpose is to replicate what used to be a one-on-one interaction to a seamless, easy and user friendly digital experience. This may seem challenging, but when done right, the outcome does enhance your business. Here are three examples to show you how it works.

    1. Data-driven digital strategy

    One of the world’s largest providers of financial services delivery joined forces with Amplexor to provide customers and internal users a refreshed digital experience, to revamp their digital service. Website redesign and improvement of the digital ecosystem lead to an enhancement in brand exposure and to a new array of marketing possibilities.

    Thanks to Adobe Analytics, the company can now make the most of all the information available across the organization. Marketers and sales representatives gained deeper insights on prospects and clients, and the group is in an unique position to highlight the value they provide in helping clients to operate effectively in global capital markets.

    Amplexor became the full digital services provider, working with the company to establish a digital banking strategy that aims for an end-to-end view of client experience. For an example of the endless array of new possibilities that emerge from mastering a complete makeover of a complex digital ecosystem, download our case study.

    2. A success formula for digital experience

    A leading European financial company launched an online hub for the group’s range of retail banking and insurance, based on Adobe Experience Cloud.

    The solution included Adobe Experience Manager, for web content and digital assets management, and Adobe Analytics to measure data and customer interactions in real time. In order to deploy personalized marketing initiatives, Adobe Campaign was a key tool, and Adobe Target was introduced to provide a marketing automation toolset. This allowed the marketing team to test and optimize conversion rates.

    The bank’s new success formula of an integrated ecosystem of tools provides a feature-rich, easy to use and accessible platform for their digital audiences. To learn more about the business advantages of this new level of customer experience, and how it was achieved, get your copy of the complete case study.

    3. Diversify your online presence

    One of Europe’s top 5 insurance providers trusted Amplexor to help provide a better insurance experience to their diverse audiences, that reflected the group’s multi-channel brand.

    A new customer experience platform was developed, based on Adobe technologies – conveying the company’s brand values and commitment to customer satisfaction. Visitors can now easily find information they’re looking for, adapted to their local market and in their native language. The new websites are optimized for mobile audiences and include customized customer portals, with an intuitive interface – while the new features enable rich customer data capture, to deliver more personalized offers, improving the experience.

    We’re already working to extend the insurance group’s digital experience ecosystem,  by integrating Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign with AEM – to support customer insights and expand their reach through multi-channel campaigns. 
    For more details on how we managed to bring the group's multi-channel multi-brand strategy to life online, get your own copy of the full case study.

    Published on    Last updated on 25/01/2021

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