Customer experience revamp: a banking success story powered by Adobe

    A leading Belgian bank-insurer partnered with Amplexor to provide the best online banking experience for their customers, based on Adobe technologies. Explore their success story!

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    Our customer is a financial group offering banking and insurance products for almost 2 million clients in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Ranked in the top five banks in the Benelux region, the company counts with more than 2.000 employees and an extensive network of independent distribution partners across the three countries.

    The challenge 

    One of the leading financial companies in Belgium, launched new online hub for the group’s range of retail banking and insurance products. The enhanced platform is the company’s latest initiative to deliver on their goal to provide excellent customer experiences. It helps customers looking to get assistance with payments or charges, receive advice on savings or investments, and learn about financial products. 


    The solution 

    The project started when Amplexor was invited to participate in the bank’s request for proposal (RFP) process. Our long-running track record of successful collaborations with other financial sector companies undoubtedly was an advantage, but our highly qualified resources as well as our recognized expertise on top technologies were decisive factors. 

    Upon the requirements that entailed diverse business needs (marketing, legal, human resources, among others), the goal to modernize customer experience, as well as technical constraints, Amplexor built a new foundation for the bank’s digital channels based on the Adobe Experience Cloud ecosystem.  

    The solution includes Adobe Experience Manager for web content management and digital assets management (DAM), Adobe Analytics to measure data and customer interactions in real time, as well as Adobe Campaign to deploy personalized campaigns and newsletters. The introduction of Adobe Target is already in motion as the next piece in the marketing automation toolset. With this new integration, the customer’s marketing team will be able to test and optimize conversion rates of landing pages and campaigns.   

    Amplexor also ensures the full infrastructure hosting in Amazon AWS Cloud servers, including environments for development and testing, disaster recovery and managed services for availability management, capacity management and security management. 


    The result 


    “It took a total of 790 project man-days to deliver against the RFP and all the additional new features identified as game changers. With the project milestones fixed before the start of the project, our teams were key to deliver the speed and agility the customer needed to bring to life their vision, and we’re once again proud of a job well done.” 

    David Verdonck, Project Manager at Amplexor 

    Simplicity, proximity and personal contact are important components of the bank’s success formula. Their website’s new front-end design combined with an integrated ecosystem of tools offer the perfect blend of feature-rich and ease of use to remain accessible, human and close-at-hand to their digital audiences. 

    Consumers are more tech-savvy than ever before, and financial customers have high expectations for the look, feel and functionality of the online banking experienceas well as a growing appetite for information”, explains Damien Dewitte, VP Digital Experience at Amplexor. “We are proud of having been selected as a key partner to bring our financial customer’s digital strategy closer to their core values. 

    Published on    Last updated on 02/08/2021

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    Inês Pimentel is Senior Content Marketing Manager at Amplexor, based in Lisbon. With broad experience in marketing and communication in tech, service and non-profit contexts, Inês joined Amplexor marketing team in 2016. She's certified in Inbound, Email and Content Marketing.