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Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences

Written by Tim Vernaillen on 24/05/17

The annual Adobe Summit EMEA took place in London on 10 and 11 May, 2017. With the unpretentious tagline “The Digital Marketing Conference”, the event presented the attendees with a unique opportunity to hear about the latest trends in this fast-changing digital world and to get insights from marketing innovators and leading thinkers in the industry.

More than 5000 marketing and IT professionals attending the event also got to explore how Adobe Experience Cloud’s tools can help companies and brands to better understand their customers and create personalized experiences to win them over.

Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences - AMPLEXOR's recap of Adobe Summit EMEA


Sneak peak into Adobe’s technology research labs

At Adobe Summit, the Sneak sessions are always an audience favorite and what I most look forward to. The company’s Research and Development teams took center stage and revealed the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Internet of Things (IoT) in a series of entertaining and fast-paced demonstrations. Several of the innovations presented in previous summits were already productized and put in the market.

This year's celebrity co-host was Jonathan Ross, the famous English television and radio presenter and host of ITV’s chat show “The Jonathan Ross Show” since 2011. Describing himself as an “early adopter”, and with his knowledge in all kinds of media and broadcasting, in combination with his unique sense of humor, added an extra layer of entertainment to these sessions.


Adobe Cloud Platform is smarter and more powerful

Fueling each of Sneaks’ previews and demos was Adobe Sensei, winning over the audience’s attention in over 30% of the presentations in London. Sensei (先生) is a Japanese honorific term for a respected teacher or leader, and at Adobe it’s also the name for the new intelligence layer in the Cloud Platform. It uses AI and machine learning from Adobe’s vast content and data assets collection to power up the design and delivery of digital experiences. Among the 6 Sneaks presented, Sensei grabbed the focus of attention.


Real-time and VR advertising

#rightoffer - Advertising the right offer at the right moment to the right person via the correct channel is often hard to achieve. This solution actually assists you to provide real-time offers, based on rules across a multitude of channels. The showcase was based on a hotel brand.

Before a booked guest arrives at a hotel, Sensei’s intelligence powered Adobe Marketing Cloud to use good weather predictions to recommend an upgrade to the VIP cabana. After the guest accepts the proposal, extra offers are released instantly through Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign. When entering the room, the guest is invited through the room’s entertainment system, to have his first drink for free at the lobby bar. Or another example, when the guest enters the pool area, an advertisement is automatically pushed to his digital device, promoting a “Buy 1 Get 1” action because of his booked VIP cabana.


#MKTGVR - Taking advertising to another level, this Sneak session combined several Adobe Creative, Marketing and Advertising Cloud products into one demo. The co-host, Jonathan Ross, was instructed to put on a VR headset and was immediately transported to Piccadilly Circus in London, where real-time targeted ads were instilled into existing buildings and moving objects (e.g. cars and buses) of the virtual experience, thus representing a new, non-disruptive channel for marketers.

This was made possible with the deep learning capabilities of Adobe Sensei and the analytics and advertising capabilities in the Adobe Experience Cloud. Together, they identify what the customer would likely be interested in and pull the appropriate assets from within Creative Cloud.


A more intelligent and personalized assistant

#beyondclick - Another session demonstrated how to get Alexa, Amazon’s intelligent personal assistant, smarter. This team added an extra skin on top of Alexa and provided access to all customer profiles managed in the Adobe Marketing Cloud. The demo was given again with a hotel brand example, where the customer opts-in during check-in and can then access his account from his room via an Amazon device. For example, guests could ask Alexa for their reward status in that hotel, and the assistant would make use of their profile data and preferences to recommend promotions or activities that take advantage of those reward points.


Content creators’ dream consultant

#AIExperience - In the middle of this Sneak session, an EMEA team presented their experience creator. Creating personalized experiences can be a lot of work, especially if you have thousands of pages and potential offerings. In this demonstration, after selecting several of those pages and defining the goals, Adobe Sensei’s AI analyzes your digital assets management system in Adobe Experience Cloud, and then automatically creates multiple intuitive recommendations on layout and content improvements. This saves a massive amount of time for the content creators!


Immersive editing of digital assets

Two examples of enhanced editing were presented during the Sneak sessions:

#VRAssets - A Digital Asset Manager (DAM) was linked to a VR environment to demonstrate how creative people would be able to instantly browse through the whole asset library. By expanding and maximizing images in real life dimensions, the editing of those assets will be more detailed and ultimately contribute to a better user experience.


#SkyReplace - Adobe Photoshop is not easy to handle, if you don’t use it frequently. This small solution actually provides the user with the possibility to quickly replace the sky in an already existing asset. Automatically the image is vectored and layered, and by drag and dropping another sky-asset from Experience Manager, the actual image is altered. 


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Tim Vernaillen

Written by Tim Vernaillen

Tim Vernaillen is a DXM Practice Lead/Senior Consultant at AMPLEXOR based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. With a long experience delivering Global Content Management solutions for customers around the world, Tim focuses on Digital Experience Management (DXM) and Enterprise Information and Content Management (EIM and ECM) projects. His expertise goes from the strategic setup to the roll-out and support on the areas of Digital Archiving, Web Content Management, Document Management (DM) & Case management.

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