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Adobe Summit 2015: 3 announcements to keep track of

Written by Ruben Thys on 21/05/15

As it does every year, the Adobe Summit 2015 - The Digital Marketing Conference - gives us a glance at the future and upcoming possibilities within Adobe's Marketing Cloud. Adobe's primary goal is to show how it responds to the continuously present and strong demand for innovation.

As a partner of Adobe, AMPLEXOR always attends these summits and the 2015 event saw 8 members of AMPLEXOR’s Adobe team attend the various sessions.

In a previous post, our CEO, Eric Pieters, reflected on 5 strategic topics he picked up during the summit. In this blog post, Ruben Thys talks about the announcements Adobe made during the last summit, as well as the Adobe Experience Manager Screens demo he saw (and has been thinking about ever since).

Announcement #1: Partnership Adobe and Microsoft - bridging the gap between customer data and marketing data

This year, Adobe surprised the summit attendees with the announcement of a strategic partnership with Microsoft: in the near future, both companies will collaborate more closely in the field of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Adobe Summit Announcement #1: Partnership Adobe and Microsoft

With this partnership, Adobe meets the growing demand to bridge the gap between sales and marketing, between customer data and marketing data. The company intends to integrate Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions with Microsoft's CRM solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Announcement #2: the introduction of Adobe Document Cloud

Besides the news of the collaboration with Microsoft, Adobe stated that it would add to its existing bundle of solutions - Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud - a digital document solution: Adobe Document Cloud.

Adobe Summit Announcement #2: the introduction of Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe Document Cloud is a set of solutions based on the former Adobe LiveCycle, which sets out to solve problems while working with and managing digital documents. This includes functionalities such as e-signatures, forms etc.

View the video introduction of Adobe Document Cloud.

Announcement #3: a mind-blowing demo of Adobe Experience Manager Screens

All novelties and announcements faded into the background after I saw the mind-blowing demo by Adobe's VP of Enterprise Technology, David Nueschler. He presented "Adobe Experience Manager Screens" - new possibilities within a future version of Adobe Experience Manager to manage digital signage. With Screens, Adobe gives substance to the concept of "Internet of Things" for the very first time.

Adobe is focused on delivering continuous and consistent digital experiences. End-users should enjoy a seamless customer experience on various platforms, devices, online as well as offline, in a consistent and user-friendly way. Adobe sees Screens as the next step in delivering that seamless, consistent digital experience on different screens: mobile phones, tablets, desktops, but also terminals, information kiosks and huge advertising panels. 

Adobe Summit Announcement #3: a mind-blowing demo of Adobe Experience Manager Screens

David Nuescheler presented a concrete use case realized for Audi. At the moment, Audi allows customers to configure their future car via a mobile app... Which doesn't sound particularly innovative, right? However, the app allows customers to cast that configuration with one swipe on a large screen at their car dealer - which is an exciting step forward in customer experience.

Nuescheler invigorated the demonstration of AEM Screens by changing the Coca-Cola advertisement panels on Piccadilly Circus in real time during his keynote. A feat of strength which impressed the audience, including my AMPLEXOR colleagues who were also present.


The gap between the digital and physical world is getting smaller, and the Internet of Things is becoming a reality. With AEM Screens (and the whole Adobe Summit) Adobe shows itself wanting to keep innovating in a digital world where standing still equals going backwards.

If you wish to read more about the new AEM Screens functionality, check out this blog post by Adobe: Introducing New Adobe Experience Manager: Innovations for Digital Experience.

The Adobe Summit sessions, including the presentation by David Nuescheler, are available online.

Download this case study: A major overhaul for a large player in the financial markets with Adobe Experience Manager

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Ruben Thys

Written by Ruben Thys

Ruben Thys is a Digital Experience Consultant at AMPLEXOR based in Belgium. With over 10 years of experience working in projects for large enterprises (financial services, industry and government), he has acquired deep knowledge of multiple web content management platforms, requirements and potentialities. Specializing in Customer Experience, he focuses on the integration of web content management systems with others, e.g. ERP, PIM, CMMS, CRM, etc.

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