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Cláudia Vidreiro

Cláudia Vidreiro

Cláudia Vidreiro has been part of AMPLEXOR’s Global Sales Support Team for the past 3 years. Her focus has been mainly in eCRM data quality and also in providing training and support to eCRM and DWS users and Sales Analytics data to Sales Management. As a Super User she has been working closely with the ICT team in order to identify issues and improvement opportunities in eCRM. She has a Social and Cultural Communication Degree and a Post-Graduate Degree in Translation and has previously worked in Advertising, Content Management and Sales.


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5 Top reasons why CRM is your BBF (Business Best Friend)

Written by Cláudia Vidreiro in Customer Experience on 30/03/17

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is not a novel concept, arisen from the technological boom or the needs of economic globalization. In fact, our great-grandmothers’ grocers undoubtedly used it – the register book they kept behind the counter and which listed who bought what each day or who owed what was an early predecessor to the current CRM applications.

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