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Eric Pieters

Eric Pieters

Eric Pieters is Vice President of AMPLEXOR Professional Services. He is based in Belgium.
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Digital Experience Suite vs. Best of Breed (and why IT needs to leave room for experiments)

Written by Eric Pieters in Customer Experience on 08/12/15

There is an eternal discussion about using Best of Breed marketing solutions (a mix of technologies from different vendors) or Marketing Suites (where you buy the technology from one vendor).

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5 strategic thoughts on the Adobe Summit 2015 (London)

Written by Eric Pieters in Customer Experience on 06/05/15

 As it does every year, the Adobe Summit - The Digital Marketing Conference gives us a glance at the future and upcoming possibilities within Adobe's Marketing Cloud. Adobe's primary goal is to show how it responds to the continuously present and strong demand for innovation.

As a partner of Adobe, AMPLEXOR always attends these summits and the 2015 event saw 8 members of AMPLEXOR’s Adobe team attend the various sessions.

In this post, Eric Pieters (VP Professional Services at AMPLEXOR), reflects on 5 strategic topics he picked up during the summit.

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Bridge the gap between marketing and IT in digital marketing projects

Written by Eric Pieters in Customer Experience on 12/08/14

Chief Marketing Officers (CMO's) will have a larger budget to spend on IT than the Chief Information Officer (CIO) himself. Whether this is true or not (it’s probably not true) doesn't really matter.

What matters is that marketing is becoming a big user of technology - and that the IT department's input diminishes. But both departments still have their role. This infographic gives an example of what their objectives could be.

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