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Jan Lemmens

Jan Lemmens

Jan Lemmens is Consultant at AMPLEXOR, specialized in Drupal. He is based in Belgium.
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Drupal 8 embraces mobile technologies

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 11/01/17

Mobile devices are taking center stage in the online world. Mobile phones and tablet sales surpass those of desktop PCs. According to official Google statements mobile searches outnumber desktop searches in 10 countries, including Japan and the US.

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Geysir: Enhancing the Drupal experience for marketers and content authors

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 17/11/16

Learn the story behind AMPLEXOR’s work on Geysir - a free open source Drupal module that aims to advance the work of marketers and content authors by enabling website building and editing straight from the front-end.

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Content strategy, structure and challenges in a website project

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 26/11/15

When we look at the modern Web, we see a great variation in devices used for browsing. Those devices have various input methods (e.g. touch or voice), different screen sizes, etc. However, the difference not only lies in the range of devices used to consume digital content. A web browser is just one of the applications suitable for consuming content.


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DrupalCon 2015 Recap: call for better User Experience in Drupal

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 15/10/15

Now they have returned from Drupal Con 2015, our Drupal team members each selected one session that stood out to them to recap.

Jan Lemmens focused on User Experience (UX) in Drupal, as various sessions during DrupalCon Barcelona highlighted the need for better UX in Drupal.

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Topics to follow at DrupalCon 2015 in Barcelona, part 2

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 14/09/15

As always, there are interesting sessions galore at the Drupal conference and the start is approaching fast. Our Drupal team guides you through the wealth of sessions to pick and choose from. In a previous post, we shared Peter Decuyper's suggestions. In this post, we'll share Jan Lemmens' recommendations.

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3 questions to ask when defining your mobile strategy

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 19/03/15

Our world has definitely ‘gone mobile’, both during and after working hours. Access to information and services is available everywhere, and at any time and this forces professional organizations to face questions regarding their mobile strategy. In this blog post, we'll look at the 3 key questions you should consider.


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App vs Website: mobile convenience over user experience

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 19/02/15

You are at home sitting on the couch and reading a movie review in your favorite magazine. The movie looks great and you want to check the nearest theater’s showtimes. Let’s say there are 2 options here: use your laptop which is in your bag or grab your phone out of your pocket.

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A multidisciplinary view on digital experience management projects

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 23/09/14

As a consultant working with web content management system Drupal, you encounter a wide variety of disciplines, typically graphic designers, business analysts or usability experts. In most projects, those profiles work at the integrator's side.

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How to select Drupal modules for a web content management project

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 28/02/14

Web content management system Drupal is widely known for it's massive amount of community (or contributed) modules available. At the moment of writing, more than 6000 actively maintained modules compatible with Drupal 7 are available for download on These modules are indispensable as they provide us with a great amount of functionality required to build websites according to the customer's specifications.

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