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Joris Bekaert

Joris Bekaert

Joris Bekaert is Business Consultant at AMPLEXOR. He is based in Belgium.
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How a good web content management system supports SEO

Written by Joris Bekaert in Customer Experience on 21/08/17

SEO is important. Depending on the industry you’re in, almost half of your website traffic should be organic, i.e. generated through search engines such as Google.

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Great User Experience on all devices: focus on performance

Written by Joris Bekaert in Customer Experience on 15/01/14

The widespread use of devices with different screen sizes on locations that are other than the classic desktop, presents new challenges for the entire web team. One of the main goals of good web design is to provide a great user experience on all devices.

To reach that goal, it is important to take the website’s performance into account. Unfortunately, web pages on mobile devices don’t always perform as expected due to a design that doesn’t provide for slow or unstable connections.

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