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Lode Vandermeulen

Lode Vandermeulen

Lode Vandermeulen is VP Sales Professional Services at AMPLEXOR based in Belgium. Lode has held senior positions in software development, business consulting and sales management, with extensive experience in business development within both the public and private sector. He is committed to provide customers with customized solutions to their content and digital challenges, by blending the latest technology and know-how.


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Digital Transformation of the financial sector: are you a healthy or scared leader?

Written by Lode Vandermeulen in Customer Experience on 04/04/17

Much has been said and written about digital transformation. Everything is being automated, robots steal our jobs, startups threaten the traditional business models… But what is the truth in all this? Are fintechs really a threat to the established values in the financial sector? Are banks “dinosaurs” lagging behind? Or is our perception off?

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