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Ruben Thys

Ruben Thys

Ruben Thys is a Digital Experience Consultant at AMPLEXOR based in Belgium. With over 10 years of experience working in projects for large enterprises (financial services, industry and government), he has acquired deep knowledge of multiple web content management platforms, requirements and potentialities. Specializing in Customer Experience, he focuses on the integration of web content management systems with others, e.g. ERP, PIM, CMMS, CRM, etc.
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Think without your yellow box - Criteria for replacing Google Search Appliance

Written by Ruben Thys in Customer Experience on 21/12/17

Following Google’s announcement that it would be phasing out their enterprise solution for search, known as Google Search Appliance (GSA), a lot of enterprise customers need to start searching for a worthy alternative search engine. If your organization is one of those impacted, an exciting, educational and fun journey awaits you.

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10 most common issues in Digital Experience projects (and how to avoid them)

Written by Ruben Thys in Customer Experience on 12/12/17

Since I started working in Digital Experience 10 years ago, I have been involved in fascinating projects across a variety of sectors, ranging from media, finance to government, retail and manufacturing. Even with such diverse requirements and scopes, I keep coming across the same recurrent problems, which affect the timeline, budget and long-term success of the project. To make life easier and to save you a lot of headaches, I have made my personal top 10 of most common issues in Digital Experience projects and how they can be avoided.

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Making sense of out of the box solutions in digital experience management

Written by Ruben Thys in Customer Experience on 05/12/17

So, you’re looking for a new digital experience management (let’s call it web content management 2.0) platform? You’re in luck: nowadays, there’s a wide variety of products to choose from - either an integrated, comprehensive solution (such as Adobe Marketing Cloud, SDL Customer Experience Cloud or SiteCore Experience Platform) or an open source solution (such as Drupal) combined with other marketing software.

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Adobe Summit 2015: 3 announcements to keep track of

Written by Ruben Thys in Customer Experience on 21/05/15

As it does every year, the Adobe Summit 2015 - The Digital Marketing Conference - gives us a glance at the future and upcoming possibilities within Adobe's Marketing Cloud. Adobe's primary goal is to show how it responds to the continuously present and strong demand for innovation.

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Sneak peek Adobe Experience Manager: advanced integration & personalization

Written by Ruben Thys in Customer Experience on 29/01/15

At the end of 2014 Adobe organized, as every year, a sneak peek webinar about its next release of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). The new features and functionalities that Adobe envisions fit into the bigger strategy that the company outlined a few years ago.

AEM, one of the products within the Adobe Marketing Cloud, has seen increasing popularity in the last couple of years as a web content management solution among analysts, such as Gartner and Forrester, and end-users. 

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