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Customer Experience Comes First - The Adobe Symposia Debriefing

Written by Damien Dewitte on 25/11/16

Adobe Symposium Amsterdam 2016
Adobe just closed the series of Adobe Symposia 2016 which were held in several big cities of the EMEA region.

Adobe Symposium 2016 brings together Europe’s leading creative and marketing minds to discuss becoming an experience-led business.

AMPLEXOR, as an Adobe Business Partner, attended some of these symposia, where the different keynotes and customer stories focused mainly on 3 ingredients which combine into a true experience-led business practice:

  • MAKE: How creative people and domain experts create compelling content for any device and how they deal with the increasing content velocity.
  • MANAGE: How to assemble and deliver content in a clever combination with data in order to deliver personalized and relevant experiences across every channel.
  • MEASURE: How the experience is refined based on tracking, automation and predictive analytics.

Adobe Symposium 2016 Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, we met several of our customers, and had the chance to observe how other companies also bring great stories about how they leverage Adobe technology in order to pursue their journey in becoming truly digital  and putting customer experience first.

Inspiring stories about how Philips Lightning organized its marketing operations teams, how Bijenkorf and Bavaria drive online sales, how Belvilla faces the challenges of having multiple brands, how Rijksmuseum launched the digital "RijksStudio" in order to attract new audiences.

We had an amazing keynote from the International Criminal Court, which had undergone a deep digital transformation in order to be able to digitize, share and archive pieces of court cases in a 100% digital way. Speaking about content velocity, the Court is able to curate, assemble and publish information to the public (including video) in not more than 30 minutes.

AMPLEXOR also delivers on the Adobe Marketing Cloud and partners with its customers to make them an experience-led business. 




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Damien Dewitte

Written by Damien Dewitte

Damien Dewitte is VP Solution Manager for Digital Experience at AMPLEXOR. For the past 20 years, Damien has been helping clients across industries and geographies to break technical barriers and excel in their digital initiatives. Leading a team of digital enthusiasts, he believes unique businesses deserve unique strategies and is responsible for driving innovation and creating customized approaches for digital experience and content management projects.

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