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How a good web content management system supports SEO

Written by Joris Bekaert in Customer Experience on 21/08/17

SEO is important. Depending on the industry you’re in, almost half of your website traffic should be organic, i.e. generated through search engines such as Google.

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Adobe AEM Social Communities: social content on your website

Written by Yannick Kalokerinos in Customer Experience on 25/01/17

One of the many strong points of using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is its impressive array of out-of-the-box features. These are components or services that are readily available to be used in projects and can significantly speed up development. One important subset of these features is Adobe AEM Social Communities, a framework that combines all social and collaborative applications.

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Content strategy, structure and challenges in a website project

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 26/11/15

When we look at the modern Web, we see a great variation in devices used for browsing. Those devices have various input methods (e.g. touch or voice), different screen sizes, etc. However, the difference not only lies in the range of devices used to consume digital content. A web browser is just one of the applications suitable for consuming content.


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Sitecore: leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management 2015

Written by Jill Bosmans in Customer Experience on 03/09/15

Starting in September 2015, AMPLEXOR and Sitecore will join together in partnership. For AMPLEXOR, this collaboration complements the existing portfolio, meeting the demand for digital experience management platforms that offer broader marketing services, including customer insights, contextualisation and personalization. We believe that Sitecore's holistic approach and enterprise-ready platform fit the needs of modern day marketers well.

Industry research leaders such as Gartner recognize Sitecore's quality as a web content management platform. Indeed, recently Gartner awarded Sitecore with a spot in the leadership quadrant of its Magic Quadrant for WCM for the sixth consecutive year. Sitecore also earned the highest spot in the Ability to Execute axis.

In this blog post, we take a look what Gartner says about Sitecore.

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Why content authoring has improved in Drupal 8

Written by Maarten Segers in Customer Experience on 01/07/15

The upcoming version of Drupal offers many improvements and new features, not only for developers but also for editors creating content on a daily basis. The authoring experience has been greatly enhanced by the UX-Team after a number of usability studies.

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What I learned from J. Boye: web content management, big data & customer experience

Written by Berthold Ballet in Customer Experience on 23/01/15

In a previous blog post, I shared my thoughts on some sessions I attended on the J. Boye conference in Aarhus. While that post focused on digital trends and strategy in general, in this post I'd like to take you through some of the things I learned from the speakers when it comes to the subject of digital experience management.

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How to select Drupal modules for a web content management project

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 28/02/14

Web content management system Drupal is widely known for it's massive amount of community (or contributed) modules available. At the moment of writing, more than 6000 actively maintained modules compatible with Drupal 7 are available for download on These modules are indispensable as they provide us with a great amount of functionality required to build websites according to the customer's specifications.

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