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Recap of Drupal Developer Days 2017 in Seville

Written by Kevin Van Ransbeeck in Customer Experience on 08/05/17

As is the annual tradition, Drupal developers from all over the world gathered at Drupal Developer Days from 21 to 25 March, 2017. Every year, a different city in Europe hosts the event and engages an ad-hoc group of volunteers that strives to provide an experience that surpasses all previous Drupal Developer Days. After a successful event in Milan last year, the torch was passed to the southernmost part of Europa and the capital of Andalusia: Sevilla, Spain.

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The enhanced marketing integration of Drupal 8

Written by Kevin Van Ransbeeck in Customer Experience on 02/02/17

The world's favourite open source CMS has gained increasing popularity in the marketing community. The latest version, Drupal 8 is proving to be a great choice for creating integrated digital frameworks, since its launch in 2015.

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Drupal 8 embraces mobile technologies

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 11/01/17

Mobile devices are taking center stage in the online world. Mobile phones and tablet sales surpass those of desktop PCs. According to official Google statements mobile searches outnumber desktop searches in 10 countries, including Japan and the US.

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Drupal 8: what's in it for digital experience management?

Written by Joachim Willems in Customer Experience on 03/01/17

Drupal is a high-quality open source content management system. The software owes its quality to the large community of developers supporting it: contributing modules and maintaining existing ones. 

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Geysir: Enhancing the Drupal experience for marketers and content authors

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 17/11/16

Learn the story behind AMPLEXOR’s work on Geysir - a free open source Drupal module that aims to advance the work of marketers and content authors by enabling website building and editing straight from the front-end.

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Building a multilingual website in Drupal 8

Written by Maarten Segers in Customer Experience on 10/05/16

Many international websites publish their content in several languages. This content in the different languages can have a one-to-one relationship where the content authors need to keep translations synchronized. On the other hand, content in several languages can also be completely different within the same site.

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DrupalCon 2015 recap: Drupal's future of caching

Written by Jochen Verdeyen in Customer Experience on 21/10/15

DrupalCon is the Drupal organization's largest event and is organized three times a year: once in Europe, once in North-America and the final one taking place in a third region. During the course of a week, it unites everything Drupal in one city: developers, users, designers and supporters.

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DrupalCon 2015 Recap: call for better User Experience in Drupal

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 15/10/15

Now they have returned from Drupal Con 2015, our Drupal team members each selected one session that stood out to them to recap.

Jan Lemmens focused on User Experience (UX) in Drupal, as various sessions during DrupalCon Barcelona highlighted the need for better UX in Drupal.

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­DrupalCon 2015 Recap: Theming in Drupal 8 - what has changed and why

Written by Peter Decuyper in Customer Experience on 13/10/15

As we announced in previous blog posts, three members of our Drupal team­ visited DrupalCon 2015 in Barcelona and their pre-selection of the sessions showed that DrupalCon promised to be interesting.

Now they have returned, each team member selected one session that stood out to recap. Peter Decuyper picked the session "Drupal 8 Theming" by Morten Birch Heide-Jørgensen (@MortenDK).

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Topics to follow at DrupalCon 2015 in Barcelona, part 3

Written by Jochen Verdeyen in Customer Experience on 16/09/15

Time flies, and DrupalCon, the annual Drupal conference, is fast approaching.

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