Customer Experience

Website, mobile app or both?

Written by Kevin Vaesen in Customer Experience on 21/06/17

Mobile applications - 'apps' - have quickly become an integral part of a modern, technology-centered lifestyle. Thinking back to our world just a couple of years ago - we didn't have access to every resource or service on the Internet, anywhere and anytime - it seemed terribly inconvenient, and makes us wonder how we ever managed to get anything done at all.

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Drupal 8 embraces mobile technologies

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 11/01/17

Mobile devices are taking center stage in the online world. Mobile phones and tablet sales surpass those of desktop PCs. According to official Google statements mobile searches outnumber desktop searches in 10 countries, including Japan and the US.

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9 do's and don'ts of responsive design for navigation

Written by Maarten Krijn in Customer Experience on 19/05/15

On April 21, 2015, we saw Google release Mobilegeddon, a mobile-friendly ranking algorithm created to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results. Google now expects sites to be accessible on a wide variety of device dimensions. From traditional computers and tablets, to the small screens of low-end smartphones, websites need to be accessible everywhere and on all platforms

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3 questions to ask when defining your mobile strategy

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 19/03/15

Our world has definitely ‘gone mobile’, both during and after working hours. Access to information and services is available everywhere, and at any time and this forces professional organizations to face questions regarding their mobile strategy. In this blog post, we'll look at the 3 key questions you should consider.


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Better UX: Google Material Design guides Android app development

Written by Dorin Simina in Customer Experience on 17/03/15

Let's say you're in the process of creating an app for your company's service team, they are often on the road and want to access business information anytime, anywhere. You absolutely want your app project to succeed - so you're taking measures to make it perfect. There are two sides to making your app perfect: your team has to find it helpful and has to be able to work with it intuitively.

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App vs Website: mobile convenience over user experience

Written by Jan Lemmens in Customer Experience on 19/02/15

You are at home sitting on the couch and reading a movie review in your favorite magazine. The movie looks great and you want to check the nearest theater’s showtimes. Let’s say there are 2 options here: use your laptop which is in your bag or grab your phone out of your pocket.

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Great User Experience on all devices: focus on performance

Written by Joris Bekaert in Customer Experience on 15/01/14

The widespread use of devices with different screen sizes on locations that are other than the classic desktop, presents new challenges for the entire web team. One of the main goals of good web design is to provide a great user experience on all devices.

To reach that goal, it is important to take the website’s performance into account. Unfortunately, web pages on mobile devices don’t always perform as expected due to a design that doesn’t provide for slow or unstable connections.

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