Delivering High Quality End-to-End Video Localization for Swiss Precision Diagnostics

    Customer service has always been a major element for all the work AMPLEXOR does - including video localization - with its clients in life sciences and other industries.

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    Our focus has always been to deliver a first-class customer experience, which means not only providing industry-leading solutions and services but also in responding to changing customer needs, requirements and situations.

    That’s why we are especially proud of the work we do with Swiss Precision Diagnostics GmbH (SPD). SPD is a world leader in the research, design and sales of advanced consumer diagnostic products and is best known for its Clearblue® home pregnancy and fertility/ovulation tests.

    Clearblue® deploys a lot of video content in its YouTube channel and website, but is also used elsewhere across the marketing program, from Facebook to television broadcasts. Because Clearblue® is a product with significant global reach, each video requires translation and localization, often used in up to 37 different languages in more than 40 different countries.

    A smart approach to localization

    Previously, each video adaptation was either managed locally by each country or, in some cases, managed by an agency with a presence in several countries. This was a highly decentralized process, and SPD felt a different approach could be more efficient and effective.

    After evaluating AMPLEXOR’S capabilities and likely cost-effectiveness, SPD assigned AMPLEXOR to all its video adaptation / localization projects. This type of project involving mass localization can be highly complex, and AMPLEXOR was uniquely positioned to offer the skills and expertise to be able to provide an end-to-end localization service on such a scale.

    A first-class customer experience

    Because AMPLEXOR has such a comprehensive suite of services that includes translation, video engineering and technical expertise, and an in-depth understanding of SPD’s products and markets, SPD regards us more as a partner than supplier, offering huge value that is difficult to find elsewhere.

    But what’s most gratifying is the team’s ability to consistently deliver a first-class customer experience. Translation and localization are not straight forward, and humans will occasionally make a mistake. But if there are any issues, the AMPLEXOR team always prioritizes addressing them and puts measures in place to ensure they do not happen again.

    This means that SPD is not only delighted by the quality of our end-to-end video localization but also by our focus on meeting their needs and responding to queries.

    Register for our upcoming webinar with SPD here, and to read the full SPD case study, click here.

    Published on    Last updated on 10/07/2019

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