'Digital Disruption' a Core Topic at Amplexor-Hosted Table Talk in New Jersey

    In pursuit of digital disruption, Amplexor Life Sciences recently held a Table Talk about "what digital means to you," featuring several prominent leaders in the pharma industry.

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    In March, AMPLEXOR Life Sciences hosted Table Talk: New Jersey Breakfast in Bridgewater, NJ. The purpose of this table talk was to spark a collaborative discussion about digital disruption. Moderated by Kathleen O’Brien, Director of Business Development with AMPLEXOR Life Sciences, panelists included:

    • Heather Reilly, Director, Quality Analytics - Janssen, Pharmaceutical Company of Johnson and Johnson
    • Ilyssa Levins, President and Founder, The Center for Communication Compliance (CCC)
    • Howard Dorfman, Founder, H.L. Dorfman Pharmaceutical Consulting

    Panelists were asked “What does digital mean to you?” This, in turn, sparked a discussion about compliance, communication, and digital disruption in pharma. Over the course of the discussion, panelists touched on topics such as how compliance, legal and regulatory can promote appropriate utilization of digital technology.

    The message delivered by two of our panelists is as follows:

    Being customer centric and agile with your service catalogue is what sets AMPLEXOR apart. AMPLEXOR is THE partner I call when I have a life science disruptive idea, as they lean in to listen harder.” – Heather Reilly, Janssen 

    “Digital innovation is a natural fit for AMPLEXOR because at the very heart of transformation lies quality data.  Thanks to digital, there are continuously new datapoints that can be collected to fuel patient centered-healthcare – which is what digital is all about.  The implications of data collected through healthtech modalities for submission/labeling and ultimately claims are enormous.  New types of Real World Evidence (RWE) will need to be managed efficiently and compliantly.” -Ilyssa Levins, The Center for Communication Compliance. 

    Published on    Last updated on 04/02/2020

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