The ultimate holiday marketing calendar 2018: from Thanksgiving to the New Year

    With so many holiday marketing days, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. The ultimate holiday marketing calendar gives you the key dates you need to focus to make the most of your digital marketing efforts this holiday season!

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    While there are big shopping days all throughout the year - Valentine’s, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Back to school season and so on -, each day from Thanksgiving in November through to New Year’s can draw up to 100% more revenue. 2017 saw the largest annual increase in retail sales over November and December since 2010, with a smashing $691.1 billion in total and a chunk of $108 billion spent online, just in the United States.

    As users start thinking about holiday gifts and social media traffic increases, there are many amazing content marketing opportunities ahead! But with so many special days, weeks, and months to remember, it can be hard for marketers to make heads or tails. Developing a marketing calendar guarantees that you know when to start planning and running your campaigns and don’t miss any important opportunities to move prospects through the digital marketing funnel.

    To simplify your life, we’ve put together the holiday marketing calendar you’ve been waiting for. Happy planning!

    The ultimate holiday marketing calendar 2018 

    So how do you have your holiday marketing calendar marked? How far in advance do you start preparing for your holiday campaigns? Let us know how you use the holidays in your content marketing!

    Published on 21/11/18    Last updated on 22/11/18

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