Diversifying a global insurance brand’s online presence

    A digital ecosystem powered by Adobe helped a global insurance group offer a better website experience to their international target audiences. Find out how!

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    Ranked amongst the top five insurance providers in Belgium, this international insurance company was founded in the beginning of the 20th century. It has since supported the development of the country, its business growth and the well-being of its inhabitants. As part of a larger European banking group, the group also provides lending solutions and loan servicing.

    The challenge

    With a long-standing partnership of over 17 years as a digital solution provider, our customer, an international insurance group, trusted Amplexor with a clear brief: to reflect their multi-channel brand/strategy in their core target markets. The goal was to provide a better insurance experience to their diverse audiences comprising brokers, investors and prospective customers - private individuals, self-employed workers, businesses, government departments and non-profit organizations.

    The solution

    To address those challenges, Amplexor helped the group bring their multi-channel multi-brand strategy to life online, with two new dedicated websites for each of their target regions. Based on Adobe technologies, the group’s new customer experience platform includes Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for web content management and digital asset management.

    The result

    While the insurance market is largely price driven, our customer focuses on quality differentiators and creating quality products that meet the needs of their different target markets. The new websites clearly reflect these brand values as well as the company’s strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

    “Our top team of digital experts with broad experience in tailoring digital marketing strategies was instrumental in accomplishing our customer’s goals. In the end, it’s all about making complex insurance products simple, and providing a diverse audience of customers with a great experience purchasing their insurance coverage. We are proud to play such a strategic role in their customer engagement program and further support them in delivering excellent financial services."

    - Damien Dewitte, VP Digital Experience at Amplexor

    The brand’s customer-centricity shines through a tailored experience for each of their visitor profiles, combined with content that’s designed to address their different needs. Whether it’s investor reports or product guides, visitors can easily find the information they’re looking, adapted to their local market, in their native languages.

    As a key source of lead generation, the new websites are responsive and optimized for today’s mobile audiences. They also include customized customer portals, where users can consult their insurance policies and claim files, report a claim for fire policies, family and personal injury, edit their personal details or contact their advisor directly. With an intuitive interface, the new features facilitate the capture of rich customer data, which will in turn, help the insurer deliver increasingly personalized offers and ultimately, improve overall experience.

    Amplexor is already working with the insurance group to extend their digital experience ecosystem. Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign will be integrated with AEM to support customer insights and expand the insurer’s reach through multi-channel campaigns.

    Published on    Last updated on 10/01/2020

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    About the author

    Eline Mevensen is Senior Manager Strategic Accounts at Amplexor based in Belgium. With extensive experience in business development within both the public and private sector, Eline is committed to supporting business growth strategies for our clients across multiple digital channels.