Ensuring a strong linguist voice as part of your language translation strategy

We ensure high-quality translations because linguists are at the heart of your translation strategy. Find out how we work with over 300 on-staff linguists to keep quality translations as the priority.

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Earlier this year, I participated in an interesting session led by Iris Orriss, Director of Internationalization for Facebook, at an ELIA event. Iris discussed Facebook’s desire to have closer, more direct relationships with their linguists as part of their localization process. As a trained translator and someone who has worked in multiple areas of the language industry for almost 20 years (Sales, Production, Solutions and Quality) I have witnessed a multitude of different processes, workflows and teams operating seamlessly (and not so seamlessly) over the years – this discussion got me thinking about the ones that thrived and those that didn’t. The optimal types of teams that work best for language quality and where the common gaps in client-vendor relationships lead to disconnects.

It has long been my belief when the linguist has a direct and active voice in projects the outcome is one of increased engagement, better quality and a high client satisfaction rating. Too often in our industry it seems the language teams are considered an afterthought – not involved in the translation strategy or in the process until it’s time to translate. Why not have their voice at the table whenever possible – driving the language quality view?

AMPLEXOR employs over 300 on-staff linguists to ensure our clients have that voice present in their engagements with us. Whether it is driving contextual questions or becoming brand ambassadors for our clients’ content, the linguist is at the heart of all we do. This might be something you already expect of your language service provider (LSP), but it’s not always the case with large LSP organizations.

While working with an LSP (like AMPLEXOR) does involve more “cooks in the kitchen,” we serve as a strategic liaison between you (the client) and a pool of qualified linguists to ensure high-quality translations. As an LSP who puts the linguist at the heart of language services, we are an integral part of your translation strategy. Here’s why.

High-quality translation and localization is our expertise

Translation and localization is our expertise – it is at the core of everything we do. Providing expertise and guidance so you can make your global moves with confidence.

We are leaders in the localization industry and named a top-10 global LSP and the number one LSP in Western Europe. We have created trustworthy relationships with a reputable background because of the expertise, experience and benefits we provide our clients. Our innovative breadth of Global Content & Language Solutions and Digital Experience Management continues to support our clients’ end-to-end content needs, continually naming us a leader in the language industry.

Not only are we recognized as industry-leaders because of our customer service and solutions, but we are also influential in our size and maturity. We have the resources to successfully support large, global corporations’ or smaller start-ups’ localization programs – AMPLEXOR can help you with yours no matter the size.

With our expert translation strategies, we can bring language and quality intelligence to the table for all your translation needs.

Our relationship with linguists is essential

We understand how important it is to get translations and processes right the first time, which is why we take our linguistic process very seriously – from managing internal linguists to our freelance model.

AMPLEXOR employs over 300 on-staff linguists to support our supply chain of thousands of professional freelance linguists. Having on-staff linguists to support our freelance model is a unique advantage compared to going directly to the source. Our on-staff linguists are surrounded by teams of linguists who we dedicate to clients, which creates an excellent environment to share each other’s experience and expertise in a variety of fields. This facilitates working through tricky translations together to find the best solution for your content.

While we do have on-staff teams of internal linguists, AMPLEXOR uses a freelance model to procure qualified linguists. We treat our professional freelance linguists just as if they had their own desks in our offices, sharing and relaying necessary client information. This is one huge reason why LSPs like AMPLEXOR serve as a savvy, scalable resource for you.

Plus, we have the capacity and expertise to build a network of qualified linguists, vetting and assigning only the most qualified teams to ensure consistent and high-quality translations for all localization requests.

Your tone and messaging won’t be lost in translation

Alongside linguistic and grammatical accuracy, tone is fundamental to delivering your brand directly to your global audience. Company quality guidelines and a great deal of linguists’ personal efforts go into making sure the target text matches the tone and style of your original content.

To ensure your messaging is not lost in its transfer to the linguist and back to you, we provide our professional freelance linguists with creative resources, such as marketing briefs and collateral materials – all of which are stored making sure all necessary information is kept in a central location so it is accessible 24/7 to all. At your request, our linguists can develop a style guide consisting of specific brand terminology if one is not provided by you, picking out the key messages and tone of text. This helps create a better understanding for the style and tone the client wishes to use.

Oftentimes, when there is tricky brand terminology involved with a company’s material, (marketing material, product names, industry terminology, etc.) we or our customers will work with in-country linguists to create style guides or glossaries. This process serves as another form of information to the linguist, and can ensure consistent messaging in every target language.

These style guides and glossaries help educate the linguist on your company. It gives the linguists a list of approved, standardized terms in your source language that are specific to the company. It specifies the context and part of speech for each term’s usage, approved translations for each target language or dialect and even which terms not to translate.

They also provide a framework for understanding the textual and visual presentation of a company’s content. Typical elements include capitalization, modes of measurement when metrics are involved, tone and style of language and even common errors to avoid when translating into certain target languages.

These helpful tools make authoring content simpler at the start since your language service provider knows which terminology to use and when to use it, resulting in greater consistency for all your target markets. This is another aspect we implement within the overall translation strategy to make sure tone and messaging are not lost throughout your translation workflow. This is a quality assurance step you may not be able to implement working directly with freelance, professional linguists yourself.

Following our own quality practices to give you high-quality deliverables is just part of what we do. We also adhere to industry quality standards to ensure quality.

Our “tried and true” quality process

Our language and quality intelligence is at the core of what we do and who we are. We take all vital steps to make sure we produce quality for you.

We have a proven process to ensure:

  • AMPLEXOR is not the middleman, but rather your trusted localization partner
  • Translations are localized by a professional native linguist
  • Tone and messaging are not “lost in translation”

Instead of acting as a barrier between you and your linguist, we bring valuable advantages to your translation strategy that results in high-quality deliverables to our customers the first time. How much engagement do you have with your language teams? Is it enough – too much – too little and what are the challenges you face?

Is your LSP acting as a barrier? Or taking all the steps (like we do) to deliver superior quality? Ask your LSP the right questions to find out!

Not confident about your LSP and the quality steps they take with your global reputation on the line? Let us help: Connect with us!

Published on    Last updated on 01/07/2019


About the author

Gráinne Maycock is VP Sales at Amplexor, based in Dublin, Ireland. With over 17 years of executive-level experience in the localization industry, she has worked with many of the world’s largest organizations across the IT, life sciences, consumer products, telecommunications, manufacturing and marketing verticals. With a passion for delivering measurable results, Gráinne helps customers worldwide to create and implement content programs that increase their global market share and revenue. Gráinne was a member of the LocWorld committee and is involved in helping with Brand2Global, a global marketing event. She is also a regular speaker on globalization and localization topics at industry events.


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