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Hans De Bal

Hans De Bal

Hans De Bal is a Senior ECM Consultant at AMPLEXOR based in Belgium, specialized in Alfresco. Leading a team of developers, Hans focuses on providing clients with robust solutions against their business requirements. He has been responsible for successfully leading Alfresco projects for public and finance sectors. As an open source enthusiast, he’s also frequent speaker at BeeCon Alfresco Developer Conferences throughout Europe.
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Highlights from Alfresco DevCon 2018

Written by Hans De Bal in Enterprise Content on 26/02/18

Alfresco DevCon 2018 wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, and as a proud member of the Alfresco community, it was an exciting one to be part of. After all, Alfresco finally returned to host their annual dedicated developer conference, after a 6 year hiatus and two successful BeeCon events in 2016 and 2017 organized by the independent group Order of the Bee.

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Beecon 2017: three days of inspiration

Written by Hans De Bal in Enterprise Content on 16/05/17

Beecon is an Alfresco conference organized by the Community (Order of the Bee). This year, the second edition of BeeCon took place in Zaragoza, Spain. BeeCon Alfresco Developer Conference is an event where attendees meet Alfresco community members and employees to learn about what’s hot in the Alfresco world.

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New Alfresco 5.0: what’s in it for the document management users?

Written by Hans De Bal in Enterprise Content on 05/02/15

Alfresco, the commercial open source alternative for Enterprise Content Management, has been offering (among others) document management and collaboration solutions since 2005. At the end of 2014, Alfresco officially published its fifth major release of the enterprise edition: Alfresco 5.0.

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Digitization in the workplace: the paperless office

Written by Hans De Bal in Enterprise Content on 16/10/14

The new Belgian government’s policy statement for the next five years reads:

The government wants to be a digital government before the end of the legislature. Every department must get rid of the paper-mountain.
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