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Tom Laureys

Tom Laureys

Tom Laureys is Solution Manager ECM at AMPLEXOR based in Belgium. For the past 10 years, Tom has been helping clients across industries find the right technology to effectively digitize their business processes and improve collaboration and productivity. His combination of strategic thinking and expertise in a range of platforms - from Alfresco and Documentum to SharePoint and Office 365 – grant him the capacity to capture new trends on the market and turn them into solutions for our customers.
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The power of case management frameworks explained

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 02/04/14

Most of my colleagues can share truly lyrical reflections on the beauty of a piece of clean, well-written code. Recently however, some of our technical consultants have spent considerably less time in their Eclipse or IntelliJ environments. The recent trend among Document Management vendors to offer case management configuration frameworks has really shifted the focus from development-from-the-ground-up to composing applications on the basis of existing components.

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Is your document management platform smart? ECM in the Age of Context

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 21/01/14

Last week’s technology news was buzzing with Google’s acquisition of Nest, a company selling thermostats and smoke alarms adapting automatically to your life pattern.

The acquisition is another sign of technology firms taking position in the coming 'Age of Context’, a phenomenon described by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel in their eponymous book. The book is a great read and shares a vision of how technology is getting more personalized and predictive.

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Alfresco's 'Simple and Smart': what does it actually mean?

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 29/11/13

At last month’s Alfresco Summit, CEO Doug Dennerline announced the company's new baseline: Simple and Smart. The new baseline will replace the less meaningful Do Great Work (we all want to do great work, don’t we?), and will actually reflect what Alfresco strives for. Let’s have a look at what Simple and Smart actually means to Alfresco.

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