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How to improve collaboration with Office 365 Groups

Written by Yannick Reekmans in Enterprise Content on 07/03/17

The Office 365 Groups service is not new and simply acts as a central location for a group of users to access and manage a set of products within Office 365. Azure Active Directory is used to provide a group with single sign-on functionality to access all products within a set.

The goal of Groups is to improve the collaboration experience, and this blog explains the various Office 365 products that can be included in a group.

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Office 365 Products and Services Explained

Written by Yannick Reekmans in Enterprise Content on 22/02/17

In recent years, Microsoft Office 365 has expanded to include a large group of products and services, all of which are continually enhanced with new features. Previously, Office 365 was simply a collection of siloed products, but now those products interact and add even more value to your organization through services, such as My Analytics, Office Graph and Office 365 Groups. We often hear "Office 365 can do everything" or "Office 365 will solve all your problems".But do you really know what you get when you buy Office 365?

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How Office 365 helps structure a sales department (sample scenario)

Written by Yannick Reekmans in Enterprise Content on 13/02/15

Our workday world has changed dramatically. Those changes present the enterprises and their information workers today with a number of important challenges:

  • higher workplace flexibility (working remotely and offline, from home as well as on-the-go);
  • usage of mobile devices;
  • the expectation that tools will improve productivity, and
  • the trend of bring-your-own-device
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Microsoft Office 365 as a SAAS solution for the Digital Workplace

Written by Yannick Reekmans in Enterprise Content on 21/01/15

People don't understand why the tools they use in the office should be more complex than the tools they use at home. They want to work when, where and how they want, on the devices of their choice. Enter the buzzword "‘The Digital Workplace’. The Digital Workplace encompasses all the technologies people use to get their work done in new, flexible and innovative ways.

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