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Full house in Leuven to discuss the future of case management

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 23/10/17

Enabling a 360 degree view of customers to deliver best-in-class experience was the motto of the Modern Case Management with Alfresco seminar AMPLEXOR hosted on 19 October in Leuven, Belgium. Over a networking lunch, Bert Moons, Senior System Engineer at Alfresco joined our ECM team represented by Hans de Bal and myself, together with a full house audience to discuss the latest case management trends and how technology is keeping pace with rising customer demands.

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Digitally transforming organizations with Alfresco One

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 21/08/17

No business sector is immune to the pressure of digitization these days. From transportation (Uber) through retail (Amazon, Zalando) to tourism (, transform their processes in order to stay relevant. In the first digitization wave, companies typically focused on the direct customer experience and transformed their windows to the world: they invested in analytics to better understand and meet customer needs, improved and accelerated customer service by digitizing customer touchpoints, and made sure their message was consistent over different channels. For many companies this first wave is still on the top of their digital agenda today.

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Beecon 2017: three days of inspiration

Written by Hans De Bal in Enterprise Content on 16/05/17

Beecon is an Alfresco conference organized by the Community (Order of the Bee). This year, the second edition of BeeCon took place in Zaragoza, Spain. BeeCon Alfresco Developer Conference is an event where attendees meet Alfresco community members and employees to learn about what’s hot in the Alfresco world.

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Connect with our Alfresco experts at BeeCon Zaragoza

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 18/04/17

From 25 to 28 April, the second edition of the BeeCon Alfresco Developer Conference will take place in Zaragoza, Spain. Since Alfresco replaced their own annual summit with the Alfresco Day Global Tour, the BeeCon Conference - organized by a group of Alfresco community experts - has been the biggest annual event to learn about the product and exchange ideas with Alfresco engineers.

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An evaluation of Alfresco’s view on next-gen ECM

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 28/07/15

On 8 July John Newton, Alfresco founder and CTO, shared his vision on the next generation of ECM systems during the webinar "Next-Gen ECM: Why the time is right for a new approach to enterprise content management".

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Alfresco’s view on next-gen ECM: key takeaways

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 23/07/15

Alfresco is an established document management and collaboration platform based on open source technology. It is an open platform with the stability, support and feature set of a truly enterprise-class platform. Alfresco is modern and evolves rapidly without compromising on quality.

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New Alfresco 5.0: what’s in it for the document management users?

Written by Hans De Bal in Enterprise Content on 05/02/15

Alfresco, the commercial open source alternative for Enterprise Content Management, has been offering (among others) document management and collaboration solutions since 2005. At the end of 2014, Alfresco officially published its fifth major release of the enterprise edition: Alfresco 5.0.

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Gartner Portal, Content & Collaboration and Alfresco Summit: learnings

Written by Eric Pieters in Enterprise Content on 29/10/14

Over the last few weeks, we attended two big annual conferences: The Gartner Portal, Content and Collaboration Summit (September 15-16 2014, London) and the Alfresco Summit (October 7-9 2014, London).

Many of the main themes were similar for both conferences: social, cloud and mobile.

For example, Gartner estimates that more than 50% of all content will never move to the cloud (source). And, of course, the hybrid cloud model is on the rise. Along these recurring themes, some bigger issues were addressed.

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Alfresco's 'Simple and Smart': what does it actually mean?

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 29/11/13

At last month’s Alfresco Summit, CEO Doug Dennerline announced the company's new baseline: Simple and Smart. The new baseline will replace the less meaningful Do Great Work (we all want to do great work, don’t we?), and will actually reflect what Alfresco strives for. Let’s have a look at what Simple and Smart actually means to Alfresco.

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