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6 scary challenges in Enterprise Content Management

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 19/10/17

The rapid growth in the amount of information being produced within companies and how it’s being managed is impacting directly on business efficiency, employee productivity, IT infrastructure complexity, and most importantly, turnover. Understanding where your company is today and getting a clear view on your internal processes and information structure is key to determine what are your problem areas and where you need to invest in the future. But confronting the skeletons in our own closet can be tricky. 

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Intranet or Digital Workplace? A brief history

Written by Damien Dewitte in Enterprise Content on 24/02/17

Traditional intranets have shifted into something new, often referred to as a "digital workplace" - something that allows employees to be more productive, that allows them to connect more easily to each other and that allows them to work remotely.


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Modernize, automate, transform: looking forward to EMC World 2016

Written by Tim Vernaillen in Enterprise Content on 29/04/16

EMC World is just around the corner. Every year EMC invites technology, IT leadership and code and modern ops players to its annual technology forum to help them modernize, automate and transform.

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5 reasons why we like Documentum document management

Written by Jan De Greef in Enterprise Content on 10/03/15

Businesses with processes and applications that involve a large volume of documents, benefit greatly from using a document management system. Document management systems are, essentially, digital storage places for files and documents - what we call “repositories" and they are used to track and store electronic documents. Metadata, such as creation date, author name etc., can be added to each digitally stored document. That will facilitate efficient searching in vast volumes of digital documents or to display a specific document's role in an entire file. 

There are many document management platforms out there - Microsoft Sharepoint, K2, Alfresco and Documentum to name a few. In this blog, I'll focus on Documentum.

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Gartner Portal, Content & Collaboration and Alfresco Summit: learnings

Written by Eric Pieters in Enterprise Content on 29/10/14

Over the last few weeks, we attended two big annual conferences: The Gartner Portal, Content and Collaboration Summit (September 15-16 2014, London) and the Alfresco Summit (October 7-9 2014, London).

Many of the main themes were similar for both conferences: social, cloud and mobile.

For example, Gartner estimates that more than 50% of all content will never move to the cloud (source). And, of course, the hybrid cloud model is on the rise. Along these recurring themes, some bigger issues were addressed.

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Alfresco's 'Simple and Smart': what does it actually mean?

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 29/11/13

At last month’s Alfresco Summit, CEO Doug Dennerline announced the company's new baseline: Simple and Smart. The new baseline will replace the less meaningful Do Great Work (we all want to do great work, don’t we?), and will actually reflect what Alfresco strives for. Let’s have a look at what Simple and Smart actually means to Alfresco.

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