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Documentum problems and how to fix them: #2 – Using diacritic characters in search

Written by Willem Lavrijssen in Enterprise Content on 30/10/17

In the second post of the series “Documentum problems and how to fix them”, where we describe problems our team has encountered when implementing Documentum for customers and share how to fix them, we’ll look at using diacritic characters in case insensitive xCP searches and Postgres.

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Documentum problems and how to fix them: #1 - Character encoding

Written by Willem Lavrijssen in Enterprise Content on 12/10/17

Documentum has a very broad spectrum of enterprise document management features and solutions ranging from scanning software, over document management and business process management, to document generation. It goes without saying that, even after 15 years of working as a Documentum consultant, sometimes you still find things that were never an issue before.

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Continuous delivery with OpenText Captiva document capture software

Written by Dennis Van Aelst in Enterprise Content on 17/10/16

Setting up a continuous delivery environment can be a daunting task, especially when working with third party software. In this blog post, Dennis Van Aelst and Stef Kusters provide some insight in using EMC Captiva in a continuous delivery environment.

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Is your document management platform smart? ECM in the Age of Context

Written by Tom Laureys in Enterprise Content on 21/01/14

Last week’s technology news was buzzing with Google’s acquisition of Nest, a company selling thermostats and smoke alarms adapting automatically to your life pattern.

The acquisition is another sign of technology firms taking position in the coming 'Age of Context’, a phenomenon described by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel in their eponymous book. The book is a great read and shares a vision of how technology is getting more personalized and predictive.

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