Five benefits to selecting a translation proxy for website translation

Learn the difference between the traditional approach to website translation and translation proxy technology, such as SiteSync.

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Looking to expand your customer base? Considering global audiences? Don’t forget to incorporate website translation into your growth strategy. As internet accessibility increases globally so does your website. Translating your website into your global audiences’ languages will ensure you connect with your new customers on a personal level. After all, more than half (52.4 percent) of consumers ONLY buy from websites where the information can be presented in their language (CSA).

Website translation is an important step for the growth of your company – you’ll want to evaluate the different solution options and choose what makes the most sense for your organization. Two common approaches exist: traditional website translation or translation proxy technology.

So, what is the difference?

For the sake of this post, we’ll compare a traditional website translation process to our proprietary translation proxy – SiteSync.

Why is SiteSync better than traditional website translations?

The biggest differentiator between SiteSync and traditional website translation? Automation. And no, we don’t mean your site is machine translated. We just mean we take all the heavy lifting from you!

Simply let your content creators do what they do best – develop content for your website – and then plug it into your site. Our tech crawls your site to pick up all of the new content, then expert linguists translate that content (in-context in its final layout!), and *poof* your site is available in your target languages. All while barely having to lift a finger. Obviously, it’s a bit more technical than that but you get the idea.

Stay with us for five ways SiteSync creates an easier, hands-off approach to website translations.

1. No technical intervention

Perhaps the most important feature of electing a sophisticated system like SiteSync is there is no technical intervention needed. Your development team doesn’t need to do a single thing to get your multilingual site up and running with SiteSync. The benefit? This will help you save on internal resources – leaving your team to do what they excel at and saving on your budget!

2. Faster time to market

SiteSync is 90 percent faster than a traditional website translation process. Automating the translation process allows us to work behind the scenes with SiteSync, removing the middleman communication (in most cases) and getting your translations completed quicker.

SiteSync is also a smart choice for companies looking to scale up in a hurry. Whether it’s adding one language or 10, it’s relatively effortless for you and your team. Amplexor can streamline the entire translation process for you, getting it to market faster while also saving a tremendous amount on internal resources.

3. Ease of updates

Updating your website’s content has never been so easy. Update any page on your website and linguists will be working on the translations ASAP. Therefore, you do not have to worry about whether or not your target language pages have the same information for your global audience. Trust us, it’s taken care of!

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Multilingual SEO (MSEO) benefits

The primary goal of any website is high search ranking (Google has long since become a household name) to drive more traffic to your website. Your marketing team writes content for your website with SEO in mind, choosing specific keywords (in the source language) to boost your visibility and digital presence. But, when your global audience is searching online in their native language, your website ranking will likely suffer without attention to MSEO.

This is where SiteSync comes in. Having your website translated into your target languages with a focus on MSEO keywording means better search ranking and more traffic from your international audiences. Which (we hope) converts to increased sales, i.e. revenue, for your company.

5. SiteSync automates the translation process

Are you tired of the “middleman communication method” for your website translations? With SiteSync you can eliminate this cumbersome back-and-forth communication and opt for a more efficient, streamlined web translation method that will save you time.

No need to communicate with a project manager for your website translations, SiteSync automatically alerts your project management team to start the translation process for your new content.

Decide what website translation solution is best for you

As you can see SiteSync, or any proxy technology, has many benefits to consider as you gear up for global growth. Though while SiteSync provides an easy, hands-off approach, it is vital you weigh all the options (including traditional website translation) and select what is right for your business. 

Published on    Last updated on 02/08/2021

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Robert O’Shaughnessy is a Solutions Architect at Amplexor with an extensive background in web development, marketing and translation. Robert’s goal is to help clients arrive at the most cost effective and streamlined solution by leveraging Amplexor’s expansive technology and services portfolio.