The future of experience: reimagining the customer journey

It’s the age of experience business. Success no longer depends solely on the quality of products and services but rather on the type of experience offered to clients. Brands need to recognize clients’ expectations and ensure personalized interactions in every touchpoint and stage of their journey.

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The first edition of the Experience Cloud Forum in Luxembourg was packed. Throughout the morning, we got to listen to interesting discussions, keynotes and practical cross-channel use cases that gave us plenty of food for thought. From all the ideas presented looking into the customer experience journey in 2019, we’ve hand-picked our key learnings from the Forum to share with you.

Luxembourg is ready for the Digital Customer Cloud Experience

The diversity of industries represented by the Forum participants is a sheer example of the evolving digital maturity of Luxembourgish businesses. The interest of the audience and the debates that were triggered are a clear evidence that we are on the right path for the digital transformation. There’s a rising appetite from public and private organizations for information and guidance on developing complete digital customer experiences, whether you’re talking about governmental institutions, financial sector, media or others.

Digital disruption is driving financial services

As customer preferences are evolving and the market position of banks is changing, there’s a trend to shift to digital channels. And while some consider the constantly changing regulatory environment slows innovation, there are also digital-first regulations coming through in the sector, allowing those organizations with stronger digital competencies to rise above the competition.

Whether banks and insurers are looking to invest on end-to-end digital customer journeys or only on part of them, they’re seeking new approaches to their multi-channel strategies. Branch networks still play an important role when it comes to strengthen credibility and trust, but the digital ground is key when it comes to accessibility and convenience. When properly integrated with the physical structure, online banking can be the opportunity to excel with high-quality, timely and efficient services - 24/7.

 Experience Cloud Forum in Luxembourg - Damien Dewitte

Powering the media revolution

The multi-channel, multi-device mindset and personalization have made content explode – and when content is what you live and breathe, the pressure builds up to create a very unique and digital product.

As audiences are changing the way they consume news, information and entertainment, the right digital foundation is key to create engaging, personalized, portable viewing experiences on every screen. Looking into real use cases of media experience transformation, Damien Dewitte, VP Digital Experience Solutions at AMPLEXOR, demonstrated the added value Adobe Experience Manager brings to leading industry players such as Mediafin.

Adobe is much more than the creative stack

Dan Britcher, Industry Strategy Manager at Adobe, caught the audience with his mesmerizing keynote on how Adobe is leading the way to Experience Businesses.  Through numerous examples of world-renowned logos from different industries, Dan demonstrated how Adobe Experience Cloud is the core system to drive premium experiences. The audience was able to see in action some of the latest developments from Adobe Forms, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Experience Manager, and what they bring to the table when it comes to increase customer loyalty, strengthen brand advocacy or simply generate more business and revenue.

Customer Experience 2.0, even with GDPR

The entry into force this year of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) raised the bar for security and privacy concerns for marketers and digital experts in general. While banks are no strangers to regulations, the new rules triggered financial organizations to assess their existing systems and determine whether they needed to re-model their platforms and workflows.

During her Keynote, Ann Dewilde, Digital Manager at Euroclear, showed how the bank put Adobe Experience Cloud tools to their advantage in managing data privacy requirements. Ann showed how the bank’s digital team leveraged the capabilities of Adobe Campaign to improve their marketing approach and the quality of the personal data collected and stored. Although the launch of their new marketing automation tool coincided with the coming of GDPR, they took up the challenge and turned it into an opportunity to take customer experience to the next level.

Reinventing loyalty in the Experience Era

The new generation of consumers expect maximum convenience and has a strong digital identity. Making impulse decisions on the go and saving preferences on mobile devices to simplify the process has become the norm. As a result, understanding customer behavior is now more critical than ever for marketers to get closer to their audiences and support them as they navigate overwhelming amounts of information and choice.

Leveraging insights from across the experience ecosystem, Adobe Analytics gives marketers the ability to use available data to learn the drivers of customers’ satisfaction, which features they consider non-negotiable as well as the forces that influence how they engage, relate and purchase things online. The recently-announced Open Data Initiative between Adobe, Microsoft and SAP emerged in this context and has expectations running high across marketing, sales and IT communities.

What's next?

The challenge is simple. AMPLEXOR and Adobe have joined forces a long while ago already, and the interest displayed by attendees makes us certain we’ll further harness the power of connected digital experiences in Luxembourg.

Combining top-notch solutions with our local expertise, we cannot wait to showcase more Luxembourgish success stories at the next Forum.

We ate, we laughed, we discussed, we networked, but the quest is simple. Get in touch with us and go 2.0.

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