Global Content & Language Solutions year in review: Top 10 blogs from 2018

AMPLEXOR's 2018 year in review showed us that we provided you with many forward-thinking blogs. Now, help us rewind as we look back at our top 10 blogs in 2018.

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Happy New Year! Have you taken a moment to reflect on 2018? Today, we’re doing just that.

So, what does AMPLEXOR’s Global Content & Language Solutions 2018 year in review look like? We thought we should share our top 10 Global Content & Language Solutions blog posts to see which blogs our audience (that’s you!) read most in 2018. Starting at the bottom and making our way to the top blog of 2018, let’s get this party started!

10. “6 ways to become a translation budget master”

Coming in at number 10 – “6 ways to become a translation budget master.”

Is it time to analyze and adjust your annual translation budget? Steer your company in the right direction with these six tips to help your company plan the budget for translation initiatives wisely – and become known as the budget master. Whether it’s time to analyze your annual budget or not, we offer helpful tips to keep in mind!

9. “Advancements in Translation Shine at AMPLEXOR’s Innovation Summit”

We hold some pretty-cool events (and no, not just our company Holiday Party). This year we hosted the “Innovation Summit” with important presenters and customers like CrossFit™ and attendees from Uber™. AMPLEXOR's Innovation Summit showcased advancements in translation technology, content solutions and the latest trends in the translation and localization industry.

8. “Your genius marketing video needs audiovisual translation for global success”

Whether you are a marketer or not, you’re most likely aware every company needs a brilliant marketing team to be successful. And, if you’re aware of any digital marketing trends, you know video content is what your global audience prefers. Implement audiovisual translation using subtitles and voice-over to enter new markets and drive international brand success.

7. “Ensuring a strong linguist voice as part of your language translation strategy”

Coming in at number 7 and 1,316 words long is, “Ensuring a strong linguistic voice as part of your language translation strategy.”

Delving into our experience at an Elia event and comments from the Director of Internationalization at Facebook, we felt compelled to touch on our experience and concerns from global companies surrounding working with Language Service Providers and how we ensure quality. We ensure high-quality translations because linguists are at the heart of your translation strategy. Find out how we work with over 300 on-staff linguists to keep quality translations as the priority.

6. “Five benefits to selecting a translation proxy – like SiteSync – for website translation”

Is one of your New Year’s resolution to get your multilingual site up and running? If so, you have options! You can even tune into our webinar January 29 for all things website translation. AMPLEXOR provides innovative, technological solutions to website translations. Learn the difference between the traditional approach to website translation and translation proxy technology – plus, the benefits of selecting a translation proxy (like SiteSync).

5. “Combining top translation standards with innovative technology for superior translation quality”

To expand on our experience at the Elia event, we wrote a follow up to delve into how else we can provide superior quality. Commitment to translation quality and innovative translation technologies set us apart from our competitors. Discover how we prioritize innovation, translation standards and technology to produce high-quality translations for you.

4. “AMPLEXOR celebrates DFKI’s 30th anniversary and 30 years of making science fiction a reality”

Last month AMPLEXOR was honored to join DFKI to celebrate the center’s 30th anniversary in Berlin, so we wrote a blog post about it. During the event, we had the opportunity to present the neural automatic translation systems (nMT) for the life sciences sector, developed in cooperation between AMPLEXOR and DFKI.

3. “Traditional vs proxy website translation: the age-old debate”

As we mentioned before, there are different solutions when considering localizing your website. Make your move with confidence and discover which solution makes the most sense for your company. Understand the differences between traditional and proxy-based website translation by reviewing our hypothetical case study which focuses on comparing two key considerations.

2. “Share your holiday greetings in 33 different languages”

Coming in at a strong number 2 is how you can share your holiday greetings is 33 (yes, 33!) different languages. Fun, right? So, to help you share your season’s greetings with clients, partners and colleagues around the world, take a look at our “Happy Holidays” wishes in 33 different languages.

1. “The top 10 languages in higher demand for business”

Coming in at the most read blog in 2018 is (drum roll, please)… “The top 10 languages in higher demand for business.” Check our list with the top 10 languages you need to consider for business and marketing content translation when competing in global markets. It’s the jumpstart you need to make your global move with confidence.

2018 year in review

2018 has come to an end, and we can only hope 2019 is bigger and better than ever. We hope you enjoyed our posts and we sincerely thank you for your readership! 

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Published on 08/01/19    Last updated on 01/07/19


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