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Joe Bechtel

Joe Bechtel

Joe Bechtel, the Vice President of Business Process and Strategy for Global Content and Language Solutions at AMPLEXOR, has been in the language industry for over 20 years. Joe is a key influencer on the design, conceptualization and development of AMPLEXOR’s Global Content and Language Solutions processes and strategy.


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5 ways to simplify centralizing with a new translation provider

Written by Joe Bechtel in Global Content on 28/02/18

The whole point of working with a new translation provider to centralize your program is to get all localization activity under control, once and for all. That means unifying all efforts for faster project turnaround, more cost savings and better global branding consistency. So, while taking on a new provider could strike some as intimidating, it’s actually one of the best things you can do to structure and streamline a localization program that’s run amok.

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