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René Reinli

René Reinli

René has 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and Senior Executive in Internet and e-business. He is an adviser and passionate campaigner for digital transformation. Rene focuses on the strategic planning and development of company product and service portfolios as well as customer-partner relations with international teams, particularly for new businesses. When Rene is not helping his clients, his passion is rooted in mountaineering, endurance sports and running ultra-marathons.


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4 pain points you may not realize you’re experiencing: Advantages of Globalization Consulting

Written by René Reinli in Global Content on 26/01/18

Expanding globally can be an exciting and rewarding—yet daunting—process. While there are countless advantages of globalization, it often means starting over in an unknown locale and building your business plan from the ground up to align with new markets. Planning requires recognizing and analyzing the risks and rewards, plus, ensuring you have the measures and partners in place to support you as you embark on this new journey.

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