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Sņežana Kondrašova

Sņežana Kondrašova

Sņežana Kondrašova is Vendor Manager at AMPLEXOR International based in Latvia. Sņežana joined AMPLEXOR in 2008 and specializes in resourcing, negotiation and process optimization. She also supports the recruitment of freelance language specialists for 8 target languages: Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian, Ukrainian, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian.


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Motivating freelancers at AMPLEXOR - mission (im)possible?

Written by Sņežana Kondrašova in Global Content on 21/02/17

As a provider of high-quality localized content in over 500 language combinations, AMPLEXOR relies on carefully selected freelance linguistic experts. Use of external vendors allows for more flexibility and effectiveness in project management, but keeping them motivated is crucial for maintaining first-class, uninterrupted and timely delivery of services to our clients.

Follow my thoughts and findings on the subject through my experience as Vendor Manager at AMPLEXOR International, specializing in resourcing, negotiation, process optimization and recruitment of freelance language specialists for 8 target languages, and find out how (im)possible this mission is.

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